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Sponsorship Programs

Are you interested in supporting Kiota Children's Home and are you wondering what you could do? Just read below what the options are.

The monthly budget that is necessary to provide the children's home their basic needs, is around € 1,600.- . The consistency of these costs are mentioned in the file under "Kumbatio Foundation" on the left.

These financial means are acquired through applying for grants, setting up activities/actions and donations given by companies and individuals. This requires a lot of energy. Therefore we appreciate any help in this! You could choose several ways of sponsorships such as sponsoring a child, donating once, donating periodically or set up an activity to fundraise money. 

Sponsor a child
For those who want to have a more personal involvement with the children of Kiota, we offer the possibility to directly support one or more children financially. The amount needed to cover the running costs for one child per month is €80,-.  

What will you pay for as a sponsor?
As a personal sponsor you can choose to donate either € 20,- or a multiple of that amount (when this is done for a period of at least 5 years, you have the advantage to deduct this from your tax as a Dutch citizen). The donation will be charged to you every month by pre-authorized payment. 

What will the sponsor - child relationship be like?
As a personal sponsor you will receive reports twice a year stating how the child is doing in terms of health, school, family circumstances and all other necessary information you need to know. The child will write a letter as well or make a drawing to be sent to you.

Besides that we will also send you some pictures of your sponsorchild twice a year. Furthermore it would be absolutely fantastic if you have the possibility to actually meet with your sponsor-child in Kiota!

To find out which children are free to be sponsored you can have a look at our webpage "Children" in the menu on the left. Above each picture you can read whether or not a child is (partially) free for a personal sponsorship.

If you would like to contribute to Kiota as a company, your logo (including a link to your company's website) will be placed in the section "Our sponsors". There is also a possibility to receive tax benefits when your company is Dutch. 

As a company you can donate in several ways:

1. a sole donation
When you make a sole donation it can be deposited into our bankaccount of Kumbatio Foundation Netherlands as mentioned under "Contact" and as mentioned on every webpage.  As soon as we have received your donation, we will send a confirmation letter to you.

2. a periodical donation (monthly, per 3 months etc.)
When you want to donate periodically, please let us know, so we can formally arrange this. 

3. an activity organized by the company
If there are any plans to organize a company activity we would like you to contact us in advance as well to know how we can cooperate in this. 

It is possible to donate for specific costs mentioned in the budget or any other needs that improve the circumstances of the children.

Private donations 
If you would like to give a private donation to the children's home, you can choose one of the options written below:
  • donate as an invidual
  • periodical donation (with or without a signed agreement)
  • become a volunteer
  • organize an activity to raise money
For the last 3 options, please contact us first. If you only want to make a donation you can deposit it into our Rabobank account.

Tax benefits Dutch individuals 
Since our foundation is ANBI certified, donations above threshold income are tax deductable for you. In case of periodical donations it is advisable to have an agreement signed up so your donation will be fully deductable. 

Tax benefits Dutch companies
Dutch businesses subject to corporate income tax can deduct a gift to an ANBI with a maximum of 50% of its annual profit or Euro 100,000.

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