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Kumbatio Foundation Netherlands

Kumbatio Foundation Netherlands is a non-governmental
organization with a transparent policy, founded on November 1st, 2010 and is located in 's-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands. It is committed to improving the quality of life for children
in Thika, Kenya in order to improve their prospects.

'Kumbatio' is Swahili for 'embrace'.

To provide children of Thika, Kenya with a better future by offering them better shelter, healthy food, medical attention and decent education.

The foundation wants to improve the quality of life of children in Thika, Kenya.

  • to financially support and provide advice to the children's support centre Kiota in Thika, Kenya
  • to support, financially or in any other way, other projects which contribute to the development of the lives of children in Kenya, particularly in Thika
  • to develop other activities that will help to improve and progress the mission.
The foundation would like to accomplish this goal by involving companies, organizations and individuals and to obtain financial aid through sponsoring, grants and other financial contributions.

Yvette Boltze (47) - Founder/Chairman

Having seen enough of the world through backpacking to a variety of Western countries I wanted to do something good in this world especially for children.

After a search over the internet I chose to go to Kenya in Africa.  First I went to CRC Thika, a children’s home where you could volunteer to help in a variety of ways.  It was the best decision I made in my life for years to go to such a country.  The Kenyan way of life is something that really fascinates me.  You have to deal with people who are trying to survive and who have adopted a way of life to handle this.  Of course, you also encounter the negative side of African life - poverty and corruption.  But to me what makes it so interesting is to see how you can find ways of ensuring that the children’s home and possibly other projects which follow are able to offer the children a better way of life than the circumstances in which they were found.  Letting go of your Western standards and values is a very important factor to give projects like this a chance to succeed.

When I went back in May-June 2010 I decided to establish a foundation for this children’s home and for other projects which would offer children a better life in Kenya and especially in Thika, because that’s where I first experienced living in Kenya.  It was very exciting for me to set up the foundation.  It gave and continues to give me a very good feeling to give meaning to the life of these children.  They are at the mercy of a society that believes only the strongest should survive.  This is an unfair fight for a child.  Children need care and love. That’s where the name Kumbatio comes from.  It means ‘Embrace’ in Swahili and that’s how I felt when I started this foundation.  On the other hand it was always in the back of my mind that you need to be alert all the time, because if it’s a matter of survival, you have to fight to do everything you can to be able to survive!  If you can imagine that feeling, then you can understand the source of their way of living.

In 2012 we started planning for a new home of our own.  I succeeded in finding one during my visit in June/July 2012.  This children’s home was baptized as  ‘Kiota’ which means ‘nest’. This is what we are working for now.  It’s a great honour to me to have the chance to give something to these children who didn’t ask for the life that they were living!

I want to thank everybody who supported me in any way in making this all happen!


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