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Children’s Home

The Kumbatio Foundation Netherlands supports projects
in the city of Thika, Kenya to improve the quality of life
of children who don’t have any parents or because they
have been abused or neglected by their parents.

At the moment we are operating a children’s
home (or orphanage) which can provide
accommodation for up to 20 children.

After running another project for 2 years, we started a new children's home named "Kiota" which is close to Thika Town in Kenya on the 1st of July 2012. Kumbatio has complete control and we are managing the children’s home ourselves. It's a great place where we can accommodate up to 20 children.  A local manager supervises the running of the children’s home and the children are looked after by 3 housemothers and a housefather. Since May 2015 a social worker has also been added to the staff.

Apart from the accommodation for the children we have a separate bedroom for two to three volunteers.  The house also has three bathrooms with flushable toilets and hot showers.

The children's home Kiota and the employees:
Details of the Kiota children’s home and the employees are given below

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Viginia Waithera (45) - Senior housemother

Viginia Waithera joined Kiota in August 2016. She is a 43 year old single lady who studied up to high school level.

Before joining Kiota, Viginia worked in a dairy milk place.

She is an experienced mother who has two sons in high school. She loves being with children and really takes good care of them.

Her role in Kiota is a house mother who ensures that the children are okay. She gets them ready for school, talk to them when they have something disturbing them, sometimes clean the clothes and cook for them. She also takes care of the volunteers who visit Kiota together since she sleeps in Kiota.

The children in Kiota like her and it is nice to see them interacting freely.

She is also a good team player who works well with the other Kiota staff.


Florence Rwamba Njue (48) - Housemother

Florence has started to work in Kiota as a housemother since August 2012 when the first children arrived. She is a woman who is committed for 100% to work for the children. She had tough time not to see her own children for several years, but fortunately she lives with them now since December 2014. 

She finished secondary school and sold vegetables on the market for her living. She loves it to put effort in the lives of the children of Kiota who deserve so much more than the situation where they have come from. 

Priscilla Wanjiku (40) - Housemother

Priscilla is a very cheerful singing and hardworking woman who started in Kiota as a washlady in May 2013. She was needed that time because the amount of children had grown from 10 to 20. After half a year she got more responsibilities and became a housemother. 
Priscilla regularly cooks for the members of the church where the children go to on Sundays. She has two children of her own and lives close to Kiota. 


Wilson Ole Rinka (38) - Housefather

Wilson has worked as a housefather in Kiota since Februari 2013, after he already had voluntarily helped in Kiota for some time. Wilson is a Masai and is used to live in a primitive world out of which he gained a lot of wisdom of life. 
The life he has now, is a new world to him which he loves to the fullest and is one in which he is able to grow at several parts of his life. The children love him and he works very hard. 


Alice Wandia Wanjiru (38) - Social Worker

Bachelor’s degree in counselling from Mount Kenya UniversityShe has also studied diploma in social work from the government training institute in Embu.

She has previously worked at the St. Michaels Rescue centre where they recruited and rehabilitated street children

She has also worked as a medical social worker at the Thika Level five hospital. Hobbies and interests: Travelling, listening to music and outdoor activities. 

Why she loves working for Kiota:
-she loves being with children
-likes working with the families of the children
-she wants to practice her education in child counselling
-she loves the Kiota fa mily..the atmosphere....

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