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The Kiota Dream

We have been busy for quite some time now with plans to buy a plot of land where we can build our own new Kiota Children’s Home.

We really want to offer the children more space and the staff and volunteers more privacy. We would also like to become more self-sufficient.

Space for the children
Since as long ago as 2012, we have been fully aware that the children really need more space for themselves as they develop. Some of the children are beginning to open up more about their traumas; some are entering puberty and some just want to be alone for a little while now and then. Personal conversations with the social workers are difficult to carry out and are often interrupted because there are no separate rooms available in the present facility.

Space for the staff
The staff are unable to have meetings without being disturbed and the manager only has a bedroom with a small desk in it. As a result it is very difficult for staff to work peacefully and uninterrupted.
Space for the volunteers
Also the volunteers’ bedroom is situated within the children’s home which means that they too do not have a place where they can have some privacy.

Furthermore, as the current facility is rented we have been unable to expand or implement any plans to become more self-sufficient and to generate our own income.

The conclusion is that the time is right to have a place of our own! Not just for the space, but also so that we will be able to simulate Kenyan family life as much as possible by building family houses for eight children each with a housemother and probably a housefather. We also want to build an office building, a separate house for the volunteers and a small house for the manager. In this way we can ensure that the children will have a better and brighter future.

The ultimate plan
Around the houses we want to have enough land available to grow fruit and vegetables and also to keep livestock for Kiota. The ultimate plan is to build a guesthouse with a training centre to offer the children a place where they can gain some work experience and where we can give courses to their families and to other members of the community. This will help them to become more independent. It will also teach them how to earn a living so that they will be able to buy healthier food, clothing and to continue to improve their standard of living. This will help to break the circle of poverty.

Would you like to support?
Of course, this dream will cost a lot of money! Because of this we have divided the project into two phases:
- Phase 1: purchase land 1 to 1.5 hectare with a max. budget of €50,000.-
- Phase 2: construct the buildings with a budget of €200,000.-

Would you like to help us as a company or as a private individual? If so, you can! Here is how you can help us.

Phase 1
We would like to raise money for the purchase of the land by asking companies and private individuals to make donations. This can be done in a number of ways.

Companies can donate by selecting one of the options below:

· 30 m2 for € 99.-
· 60 m2 for € 199.-
· 120 m2 for € 398.-
· 180 m2 for € 597.-
· 240 m2 for € 796.-
· 300 m2 for € 995.-

As a token of our gratitude we would like to place your company name/logo and a link to your organization’s homepage on our website.

Private individuals
Private individuals can donate by buying one square metre of land for only €3.33. Some people may wish to buy 50m² by clubbing together with family or friends. Please contact us using the form below

Are you interested? Please fill in the form below.

Phase 2
The construction of the new Kiota facility will be financed through another campaign which will be revealed as soon as we are in the position to complete the purchase of the land. Further details will be given here when they are available.

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