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Lena Muller organised a succesful come-back party!
's-Hertogenbosch, 11 April 2016
Lena Muller spent six weeks at Kiota where she had an incredibly wonderful time. Her idea was to share this experience with as much people as possible. That’s why she invited her whole family, friends of the family, friends and classmates on the 3rd of April at the Mariapaviljoen in the centre of ‘s-Hertogenbosch.
Besides a good atmosphere with some snacks and drinks, Lena drew everyone’s attention by telling enthusiastic about her story while pictures of Kiota were projected on the wall!

To share her story and experiences as much as possible, she gave her speech even twice! That her stay at Kiota touched her deeply and that she will never forget this experience was clear enough when her tears rolled down her cheeks, while telling that she could never explain ‘How Edward smiled and the way Charles looked at me’…
The whole audience was touched and some had to blink away a tear as well. Lena is a born story teller!

Also she asked everyone who came to support Kiota by buying square meters of land for ‘The Kiota Dream.’ That everybody loved to help, appeared when the benefit was revealed after this afternoon: she raised around €1000,00, which means that we can buy another 300m2 land!  And we’re still counting..

Lena, family, friends of the family and friends of Lena and her classmates,

On behalf of all children and staff of Kiota and Kumbatio,

Thank you very much!! Asante Sana!!

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