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Nice amount of money New Year’s Dive 2016
's-Hertogenbosch, 10 March 2016
It's almost a week ago that the New Year's Dive in Scheveningen took place. Yvette Boltze and Tessa van Genderen were the ones who did it! Fortunately it wasn't that cold, but the temperature outside was still cold enough! And there they went together with 10.000 other brave people into the water on the first of January at 12 noon!

Despite that they only had 2 weeks time to fundraise money from friends, family and colleagues, the total amount of money they collected has been quite a bit! Because the total gain was €1400! Together with the already received €3000 or 'Aurora Kaas', we're getting closer to the total budget of €7000 for the Kiota-car!

I would like to thank each sponsor for the contribution to this! Next year... maybe together with a group of Kumbatio friends? That would be wonderful!!

You can see some photos down here, but the video which shows you the whole atmosphere around it is to be found on YouTube.

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