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Sponsor dinner 2015 again a great succes!
's-Hertogenbosch, March 3, 2016
It has been 2 weeks ago since the sponsor dinner took place on Saturday  19 September to obtain the Kiota food budget for 2016. After a huge preparation for about 8 months, finally the time was there. Due to the pleasant cooperation the event took place again at De lachende Vis (the smiling Fish) in Empel. Just like last year the part 'restaurant' was fully volunteered by Cor Burgerhof (chef), Wouter Burgerhof (cook), Mayke Burgerhof (waitress), Cindy Olfers (coordinating waitresses), Evy, Avelon, Ruud, Robin, Rick, Sean en Rens (kitchen and waitresses). All was very professional, smooth and very social.

The part African entertainment was performed by Vimbai Zimuto. With her beautiful singing performance she had a wonderful performance! Every single song had a personal touch which she explained to the audience before starting to sing acoustically (the African way a microphone was organised….. She supported herself by a sort of piano drum (mbira dzavadzimu).

Furthermore we had an auction which was presented on a playfull way by our auctioneer Maurice Ott. The woolen sheep was sold for € 40! Some small statues and paintings have been sold and the masterpiece of the auction were 2 living room concerts of our prospective board member Tessa van Genderen! 

Of course there was also a presentation given about the goings of the foundation Kumbatio The Netherlands and Kiota Children's Home, in which also a film was shown about the daily life in Kiota where you could see the children playing, singing, doing their homework  and last but not least also doing their chores. By showing this small film everyone could see what Foundation Kumbatio is doing. 
Also our small Kenian shop was present with a variety of jewelry, bowls and paintings from Kenia which you could buy.

After a deliciously prepared 5-course dinner by our cooks, the evening ended with an unexpected great surprise by Mrs and Mr Janny & Harry ten Dam who own a cheese company, named Aurora Cheese. This couple is very committed with our small foundation and dedicated themselves with their business to generate income. By networking for Foundation Kumbatio within their company network,  cheeses are sold and a certain percentage of the sold cheese is for Foundation Kumbatio.
On this evening they presented the first part of these gainings to Yvette Boltze, Founder of the Kumbatio Foundation. Very pleasantly surprised she accepted the cheque with an amount of
 € 3000!! A wonderful, wonderful contribution which goes to a special cost item. Thank you so much!!

The sponsor dinner was as you read again a great succes! The proceeds of this evening, next to the contribution of €3000 was €4100!! 

As mentioned, next year we will  have more guests  as everyone invites again one or two more friends, relatives or colleagues. And who knows it does not fit in the Smiling Fish anymore as we are already approaching the maximum of 75 guests. Spread the word, spread the word!

On behalf of Foundation Kumbatio The Netherlands and Kiota Children's Home we thank Mario van Lith (owner of The smiling Fish (De Lachende Vis), Cor Burgerhof (chef of this evening), Wouter Burgerhof (cook), Mayke Burgerhof (Waitress) en Cindy Olfers (coordinator waitresses) and voluntary staff of the Smiling Fish (De Lachende Vis): Evy, Avelon, Ruud, Robin, Rick, Sean en Rens.

I also want to thank volunteer Sandra van Kasteren for picking up some additional tasks such as the making of the thank you presents for all our guests. 
And of course Vimbai Zimuto who has made some wonderful music! Also our florist Greenstyling for the beautiful sponsored  floral bouquets and butcher shop Frans Knobbout from Uden who sponsored all the meat for this evening! 

And not to forget: the voluntary auctioneer and all guests present! Thanks to all of you we have the food budget 2016 almost complete.!!!!

Below are some pictures, but for a full photo impression, please visit the home page of Stichting Kumbatio on Facebook!

Hope to see you next year!!

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