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Would you like to be our new board member?
's-Hertogenbosch, March 3, 2016
's-Hertogenbosch, 14th of April 2015

Kumbatio is obviously growing! To realize all our plans we are looking for new board members. The main plan we're very busy with at the moment is purchasing land in Kenya. This is necessary, because the space of the rented house is too small to offer a healthy environment for the children. Next to that ther's no room for an office and no privacy for the children who are more and more confrontede with their traumas. We also don't have the possibility to be more selfsufficient and at last we don't know how much longer we can stay because the house is not ours.

The amount of money we need will be around €50.000 for about 3 acres. So this means that next to fundraise for the running costs of the children's home we also need to fundraise for the land. We need to put a  lot of effort into this to fundraise the money for the land.

What are the tasks of a board member?

- Approach organizations which support charities such as Kumbatio financially
- Write project plans for trusts to apply for funds
- Be able to write those plans autonomous
- Set up or delegate/coordinate sponsor activities 
- Link volunteers and companies to Kumbatio 
- Network within your family/friends/colleagues and also others

Next to those main tasks above, we have other tasks that will come up after a board meeting. To coordinate all tasks among the board members, a meeting will held every 2 months for 2 to 3 hours.

Are you concerned about a small charity such as Kumbatio? Are you good in networking? Are you creative, proactive and a go-getter? Do you like deadlines and see results?

Do you think you're able to spend at least 4 hours a week to help Kumbatio being successful so we can fulfill our mission and vision? 

Then you are our candidate!
Interested? Send an email with your motivation to 

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