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Cafe Averechts sponsors cooking system of Kiota
's-Hertogenbosch, 29 February 2016

‘s-Hertogenbosch, May 19, 2015

Companies, institutions, organizations and individuals support charities in different ways just like café 'Averechts' in Utrecht.

After we presented our projectplan “Jiko” to them, we have been selected as one of the charities last year. The donation is collected by means of a tip jar of which the amount of tips will be doubled. They do this several times a year. In this way they have collected € 2570,- for Kumbatio this quarter!

You probably wonder: what is a jiko? You can find this out by clicking the photo below. As you cansee, a necessary thing for Kiota!

Café Averechts, all employees and guest: THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! You all will be updated about the installation of the cooking system.

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