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Birthday party with Makali Sounds for Kumbatio!
's-Hertogenbosch, February 20, 2016
It has been a while ago, but due to a lot of things for fund raisings for Kiota Children's Home and the stay in Kenia, unfortunately I did not have time to write this message. But no matter how long ago, this action deserves all our attention!

A few months ago we received a phone call of Peti Van Rooij-Elberse. Instead of people giving her presents for her sixtiest birthday, she wanted to organise a fund raising for Kumbatio in cooperation with Makali Sounds.  The founder of the band is Kenian and her Son Niels is playing in the band as a drummer. This band is well known with the founder of Kumbatio and she was delighted  with this fund raising idea. She became so enthousiasic that she postponed her leave for Kenia with one week to join the party and the performance! 

The date the party actually took place was 18 October last. A big and very attractive Kumbatio-collecting box was placed on stage and all guest were requested to donate their money in the box. 

All guests were having a great time, but when it was time for Makali Sounds to perform, the atmosphere was immediately very good. The members of the band are originally from countries as  Kenia, Nigeria, Brasil, The Netherlands and recently a lady singer from Zimbabwe. This mixture ensures festive musical rhytms and they succeeded and they managed, with a lot of passion, to make this evening a great party where people were singing and dancing!

We can look back to a great party with a terrific band and great donations for our foundation!
On behalf of Kumbatio and Kiota's Children's Home we very much like to thank Peti, Makali Sounds and all guests for their contribution! 


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