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Thanks to all the new sponsors of the children!
's-Hertogenbosch, February 20, 2016

‘s-Hertogenbosch, 7 December 2014

 Yvette Boltze (Founder Kumbatio) is back for almost 2 weeks of her stay of 4 weeks in Kenya. The children were very happy when the children heard when she told the news that another 7 children are sponsored on top of the others who were already sponsored.

It’s very excited for the children to hear who are their new private sponsors. They have contact with their sponsors a few times per year through a letter and photos. The child is always looking forward to receive mail! Your sponsorchild is a bit your own child, because you have a certain relationship with him or her and of course it is possible to visit the child in Kiota. That is a great opportunity! 

Some sponsors know the children of Kiota, because they have been there. Then you can imagine your sponsorchild even better.  We also try to introducue Skype, to get sponsor and child a bit closer towards each other. The network is unfortunately not that good, so we first want to orientate on the possibilities.  

There are still 5 children who don’t have a sponsor. So if you would like to sponsor a child, you can give notice of that through this form. More information about sponsoring a child is to be read here “How to sponsor?” of “Sponsor a child”

We hope we can make the other 5 left happy as well!


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