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Expanding network for vegetableshop Kiota
's-Hertogenbosch, August 29, 2015
As most of you already know, we are organizing a Sponsordiner on 11 October, the Spinningmarathon is coming and soon there will be the New Year's Dive of 2015. We are collecting money for Children's Home Kiota in Kenya in several ways. Meanwhile we are trying to collect money for our greengrocery. Since November Kiota has a vegatable garden with enough food for Kiota itself. The remaining vegetables are for sale. We also have the possibility to sell the eggs from our chickens. In this way we help Kiota to be more self-sufficient. This is a positive step!
We do need a store to sell the vegetables. For this purpose we have a crowdfunding operation. This means that we have collect money by promoting our operation within a certain period of time.
We use an official crowdfund website. Our mission is: every little bit helps! Our final amount will be €2000. We have to collect this within 60 days. But... We only have 25 days left with only €70... It doesn't work out as we expected. I want to try to expand our network by this message. I want to ask you if you can email this message to your own family, friends and others you know. You can also gove a donation yourself. You can read our plan on the following site:!/projects/shop-for-childrens-home-kenia

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