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Thanks for the support!
's-Hertogenbosch, 31 December 2013
We're looking back at a succesfull, beautiful and grown Kumbatio and Kiota in 2013!

It's amazing to see how the children have grown as well physically as mentally. This is why we do all this! Next to the growth itself we also see that we could have taken care of sufficient food and water next to the other necessities for the children. Especially education what is so important, is something the children just love to join. They are proud about their achievements!

The housemothers Florence and Julia have also shown that they want to give the children attention and love what is needed. In the month of September a washing lady has joined in: Priscilla. She works very had and is also like a housemother to the children. Also the housefather Wilson who does the heavier work, but is like a father figure to the children, is someone who we look back at with a good feeling.

This all is under the charge of our manager Shawn. He's putting a lot of effort in his work with all his heart. It's his passion and he really is involved with the children. It's his first real job and he has progressed in many fields which you encounter as a manager.

Of course we don't forget the volunteers who were in Kiota in 2013! Every single one of them has been important to Kiota in their own way.  This could have been nice activities they did with the children of doing some music with them, doing some construction work, giving information to the children about life issues, or daily tasks, every volunteer was valuable! Next to that we also have volunteers here in Holland who help to generate money to keep Kiota alive! Sponsor activities small and big are organised and next to that the effort to find grants or to let companies relate to us, is something we're all busy with.

A lot of time and energy has been spent on Kumbatio to let it get there where we are now to give our Kiota family what they need.

Last but definitely not least: we're very happy with everybody who believes in us and supports us therefore through a periodic or sole donation. Hopefully we will continue together to make Kumbatio succesfull to the fullest in this period of builing up in which we still are!!!

On behalf of all children, staff of Kiota and Kumbatio:


Then there's one more thing left to say:

A very happy, healthy and prosperous 2014!!!

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