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A very succesful spinning marathon!
's-Hertogenbosch,  8 October 2012

Yes, the time had come! Sunday 7th October we went spinning with 23 people for 3 hours in a row for our children's home in Thika. After 4 weeks of preparation for the organisation and to collect the sponsor money, the board members Cris, Yvette, Beaty, Rob (husband of Beaty) and the mother of Beaty have spent hours the day before the marathon on baking the lovely snack "Samosa". The next day we were ready at the Sportcentre Reflex at 10.15am to do the very last preparations.


The people who did the spinning came in drop by drop, our booth with the Kenyan gems, soapstone products and the samosa was set up. The sponsor money was handed over by everybody and the administration was done.

Twenty minutes later than planned, the first hour of the spinning started. The instructions were given, our founder had said a word, the music was turned on and there we went!... The instructor drove everybody fanatically and with a lot of motivation and he knew exactly the right beat of the right rhythm to take us into the dance of the spinning bike. The songs out of the 80's took you through the first hour. Even the father of Beaty, who isn't that young anymore, was joining very enthusiastically!!

After a couple of minutes break the second instructor came to take us through the second hour in his style of spinning and music. Sit, stand, sit, slowly with a lot of bike resistance and fast with just a little resistance, bend over and back again. All for the children of hour children's home!

Just one hour to go... the third hour started... first enjoy one or more of those lovely samosas to continue again. The first instructor came back with a firm last hour... The legs became tired, also a back here and there got stiff...
The last song was playing, African music... The Kenyan and volunteers went crazy for the last time.... We've made it!!!

Before everybody took a shower, the last administration was done and the final amount of sponsor money was announced. This is to say: the amount that was known at that very moment, because after the spinning marathon more money came in!

The amount of money at the end of the spinning marathon was:

€ 2329,-!!!

The final amount will be announced next week when all the money will be collected completely. But it won't be less!

We want to thank:
Sportcentre Reflex, Maikel and instructors
All people who did the spinning
Rob and the parents of Beaty (for the samosa and the spinning)
Everybody who sponsored us!


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