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Selling envelopes at the King's day market succesfull
's-Hertogenbosch,  5 November 2017

Eindhoven, 14 mei 2017
At 27th april Kumbatio went to Korvel in Tilburg to the King's day market! Kumbatio arranged a stand at the King's day market to sell original Kenyan products and to sell envelopes. These envelopes are a symbol for m2 ground to be able to buy land and realize the Kiota Dream. It was a great day, we sold a lot of products and envelopes and many people were interested in our foundation. This resulted in  gathering €400,-. We are very pleased with this outcome!

We decided to continue selling envelopes (total of 500) because we want to be able to buy as much m2 as possible, to be able to realize the Kiota Dream as soon as possible! Besides there are still some envelopes with great prices in them. Two good reasons to continue!

Prizes that you can still win:

 - 2 entry tickets for the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam (;
- 1 entry ticket for the Afrikamuseum in Berg en Dal (;
- 7 vouchers a 25 euro for the webshop from Aurora kaas (;
- 2 vouchers voor a course playing djembe (10 lessons) at Speeldjembe in Tilburg (;
- 1 voucher a 15 euro for a lunch at the Mariapaviljoen in Den Bosch;
- 2 vouchers for a dance workshop at Afrikaswing in Tilburg (;
- divers original Kenyan products

1 m2 land costs around €3,33. By buying an envelope you can symbolically buy 1 m2 land for €3,-. If you want to buy some land/envelopes for the Kiota dream or to win some prizes you can send an email to



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