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New Year's Dive 2017
's-Hertogenbosch,  5 November 2017

The time is there again: the New Year’s Dive which is organized everywhere in the country! People want to start the new year with a fresh dive or as a start for the new resolutions of the year. You could also decide to do something good for this world with this dive. That is why founder Yvette Boltze is attending this dive for the 4th time to collect €2500 for Kiota Children’s Home for 2017 to be able to pay the costs for important needs like food, water and electricity.

In the previous years this New Year’s Dive for Kumbatio took place in Scheveningen, but this year it could be a different locations depending on the amount of people who would like to join. To get those €2500 together we do need a lot of help! You can enroll by sending an email to, but when you rather just donate, you could do that of course. You can do this on the bank account of Stichting Kumbatio: NL86RABO0158303962 with the description of New Year’s Dive 2017.

Would you like to help to collect €2500?

On behalf of all children and caretakers of Kiota, thanks a lot for your support and donations!

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