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Big thank you to ‘De Spullewaard’!
's-Hertogenbosch, 18 March 2016

In the third week of January one of our volunteers Arta van Mil held a presentation about Kumbatio at the thrift shop ‘De Spullewaard’.  In this presentation she emphasized which things have priority in Kiota: a car and the school fees. The school fees will cause the general costs of Kiota to be higher more and more. First of all because education is very important to break the cycle of poverty and second because slowly more of our children are getting older and they need to continue with their education at high school. The fees of high schools are way higher than the fees of primary education. 

The presentation was very successful. She could acually convince the board and the volunteers of ‘De Spullewaard’ that these things are of great importance for the development of Kiota and the children. So they decided to donate  €2000 for a car and €1500 for the school fees of the children! 

We want to thank all the co-workers of ‘De Spullewaard’ for the donation! Definitely a big thank you from the staff and children of Kiota!! 


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