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Our new board member!
's-Hertogenbosch, 10 March 2016
Yes, it can happen just like that that you encounter Kumbatio, you go to the sponsor dinner, you see what is going on behind the scenes and you see how the children of Kiota are doing.... At a certain moment you decide to go to Kenya to see everything for yourself. And then... you're not able to let it go!

This is what happened to Sandra van Kasteren who was involved a lot as a volunteer last year. She helped more and more, she thought about things with us to help to get more structure into Kumbatio. Not financially, but task and policy wise. And that is what we need! People who are sincerely engaged to Kumbatio and make an effort through and through!

Kumbatio welcomes Sandra a lot as a new board member!

Hi, I am Sandra and I am going to tell something about myself and the way I have met the Kiota family. In April 2015 I traveled to Kenya to visit Kiota. I have met Shawn, Wilson, Rhoda, Priscilla and Florence and of course all the kids. My stay in Kiota has made an indelible impression on me. Back home, I realized I wanted to join Kumbatio Foundation Netherlands on a voluntarily base in order to make a difference for Kiota. Half a year later, I applied for a function in the board, because I wanted to contribute in a more structural way.

I really like being part of Kumbatio, especially because it is a small scale foundation. It is very clear for whom we make all this effort: those 20 children in Kiota. The children who really need our support. Unfortunately, all of them had a really bad start of their lives. However, now they live in Kiota Children's Home where it is possible for them to enjoy their youth, to deal with their past and to prepare for their future. To achieve those goals they need us to support them with passion, effort and money.

I am really committed to Kumbatio and I am willing to work hard to make a difference for the Kiota family together with the other board members and volunteers.


Sandra van Kasteren

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