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Looking back at 2015 and of course the best wishes for 2016!
's-Hertogenbosch,  7 March 2016

's-Hertogenbosch, December 31, 2015

Dear sponsors, donors, volunteers and other people who read this,

The year 2015 is gone and has flown like usual!

We’re contented when looking back at the last year in which we mostly focused on the official things that needed to be organized for Kiota Children’s Home: the official registration as an NGO in Kenya. This was a long process of about one and a half year in which we had to prepare all kinds of documents with the board in Kenya to hand over to the NGO-board in Nairobi. Several offices had to consider this to assess the integrity of Kiota. We had to wait for quite a long time without any feedback, but eventually we received in September the official certificate which allowed us to call us NGO Kumbatio Kenya. Kiota as well as other projects we will start belong to this as well. 

This caused a raise of the salaries of the housemother, housefather and manager as well in accordance with the Kenyan wage scales. Next to that the requirements of the pensions and personal insurances had to be met. Further all children needed to be officially registered and needs their background and development to be filed. The Social Worker who is employed with us now will take care of this. The children will also visit the psychologist to process their traumas. To do this we have a project called “Life Skilss” for 2 years which is financed by Union Vincentius. We are able to achieve a lot with the children concerning the processing of traumas, the creation of selfesteem and working on the relation with their family. This is in accordance with the policy of Kenya which says that you have to put all effort to make it possible to let the children return to their family. This is only possible when the relationship has turned healthy enough to return. 
You can see that we have a lot of challenges ahead of us to achieve this next to fundraising money which is necessary to keep Kiota running. 


Last year we had a few volunteers who joined the daily life of Kiota. It’s always a joy to see how they enjoy their time over there. Next to that we were also very happy when the ‘jiko’ was put in place. A jiko is a closed cooking system so smoke doesn’t have the chance to get into the kitchen anymore. Now the smoke will find its way out through the metal chimney. This is a good change for the health of the housemothers who mostly cook ánd it’s also faster, because you can put 3 pans at the same time on the fire. This in contrast to the possibility to use one pot at a time only. We are very grateful for the donation that Cafe Averechts did to make this possible!


During the sponsor dinner in September of this year, we announced the plan of the wish to purchase a plot to build our own Kiota. Something that we own and on which we can execute our own plan to meet the needs of the children as much as possible: a secure environment to be able to develop themselves. In the policy plan on the website is a comprehensive description about what we have in mind for this. For this huge project we asked Sales Source for help in fundraising since September this year.


As you can read, we mainly focused on things that needed to be organized and dwelled on our vision. Are we still running the right course and what do we need to stay there? This took a lot of time and energy, which causes the fact that we couldn’t organize as many sponsor activities or raise funds as usual.


Despite the fact that it was so busy last year, we were still able to gve Kiota what was needed to run without any problems and to let the children go to school. I am very happy with that! It is all about the children in every aspect. They are healthy and happy to be in Kiota. They are proud as well to go to school which is a very important fundament for their future! The first child, Loise, will be going to highschool in January!


We’re definitely contented when looking back at 2015, but without help of others, we would have never come this far!  Therefore I would like to thank all volunteers, sponsors of the children, private and business donors, other sponsors and all guests of the sponsor dinner for your support and trust in the last year!

On behalf of all children, housemother Florence, housemother Priscilla, housemother Roda, housefather Wilson and manager Shawn, I wish you a very healthy & loving 2016!

Yvette Boltze

Founder & Chairman Kumbatio


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