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The story of Sandra van Kasteren in Kiota!
's-Hertogenbosch,  3 March 2016

's-Hertogenbosch, October 17, 2015

Jambo, I am Sandra van Kasteren and this year I've been to Kenya for 4 weeks (May-Juni 2015). I've been following Kiota since a few years, I've joined the sponsor dinner several times and I've helped at the book fair in Den Bosch this year. I had plans earlier to go to Kiota. This year it finally happened.

My experience in Kenya in one word: Wow!

Wow, what a lovely family the Kiota Family is! Grateful for everything, for the smallest things. Having food every day is something to be grateful for already. In my stay of those 4 weeks I haven’t heard one single child saying that he/she didn’t like the food.

Wow, how beautiful it is to see those happy, cheerful little faces around you every day! Knowing the background of the children it is very special and it’s a sign that they’re doing great in Kiota.

Wow, how involved and caring are the adults towards the children. They’re providing the children a safe and warm home, something very important to them.

Wow, we could learn a lot here in The Netherlands from Kenya: happy with the small things, being in peace, hakuna matat.

Wow, Kenya could learn a lot from us: safety and rules in considering the traffic, family planning and (at least a little) thinking about the future.

Wow, how special it is not be a tourist abroad, put being part of the society.

Wow, what an amazing beautiful country Kenya is. The landscape, the animals and the people.

In the last week of my stay Marc, my husband, came to Kenya as well and we went together with Wilson and Florence to Masai Mara. En beautiful trip and very special to see Wilson in surroundings where his roots are.

Wow, did I enjoy this stay in Kiota! I’m happy to have met all kids, Shawn, Rhoda, Florence, Priscilla and Wilson.



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