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Would you like to support one of our children financially?
's-Hertogenbosch, 29 February 2016

‘s-Hertogenbosch, 29th of May 2015

After a long period of time finding sponsors for our children we have finished the first stage: all children have at least 1 or 2 sponsors!

The day Yvette Boltze (founder) left Kiota to return to The Netherlands at 24th of May we received a message from Australia that someone there would like to sponsor the last child which was not  fully sponsored yet. The children were so happy to hear this! This is another landmark!

This is also the kickoff for the second part of the project finding more sponsors for the children. These fixed and reliable donations will make us able to cover all of the current costs. This way we have more guarantee in offering the children a healthy and bright future.

Several people have already requested to sponsor one of the children. This shows us that the Kumbatio-Kiota network is still growing with people who care for the children of Kiota. This makes us very happy! 

When you sponsor a child personally, you will build a relationship by sending letters, drawings and photos to each other. You will also receive updates of their school results and how your child is doing. You really get a lot in return for your support! 

You can check the website to see which child is partly sponsored and is still looking for another sponsor. We hope to provide a strong foundation for Kiota, so we can keep building together!  


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