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It was a beautiful 2014! Thanks!
's-Hertogenbosch, 20 February 2016

‘s-Hertogenbosch, December 23, 2014

 We would like to thank everybody who contributed - in any way possible – to Kumbatio to be able to provide in the basic needs. We have set up sponsor activities together with volunteers. Everybody who enrolled for a certain activity has contributed to this and we’re very greatful for that!

 There are also small and large individual sponsors who do a donation on an monthly or yearly basis to provide in the yearly budget for Kiota.

Next to that there are people who sponsor a child with whom they really have contact This is a very unique group sponsors, because they financially contribute to the yearly child and they build on a relationship with the children and then mostly with the child they sponsor.


There are still 5 children who don’t have a sponsor. So if there is someone in your network of friends, family or colleagues who like it to contribute in this way, please, let us know!

 Further on we would like to thang the people who celibrated their birthday of the birth of their son or daughter and who didn’t want their present, but a donation for Kumbatio! A wonderful gesture!

Also the Toppers from St. Michielsgestel who performed twice to fundraise for Kumbatio are people we’re very thankful for!

Finally we are very grateful for organizations who donated some bigger amounts! This last year we’re very grateful for the donations of the Golf Union ‘De Pettelaar’, the Rabobank, the municipality ‘s-Hertogenbosch and the Vincentius Union of which we will know what their donation will be when their book fair (where the amount is coming from) is over at the beginning of February. We already thank the volunteers who participated in this.

One thing is for sure: without you all we could never have given the children of Kiota the beautiful life they have now! It feels good that you have faith in us this year again to do make this possible together! We hope to continue next year with you again and that the network around Kumbatio will grow!

Then there’s one thing left to say:

On behalf of Kumbatio, employees and manager of Kiota and all children:

Have a merry Christmas and a warm and beautiful 2015 in which we can walk together along the path we’re on now! (See Christmas card in the attachment!)

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