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Charity golf match “De Pettelaar for Kumbatio!”
's-Hertogenbosch, 20 February 2016

Thika, 14 November 2014

 Half October there was a golf competiotion at the ‘Golf Parc De Pettelaar ‘s-Hertogenbosch’.  It was decided to choose Kumbatio as a charity to play for. How did they come to Kumbatio?

“A few weeks ago the time was finally there, the annual Charity game. And of course we wanted to join in, but the question was: of what members did the team exist?

This would also have been the case for the several other golf players who were looking for team mates. And they found them for sure as you could see at the team composition.

This year there were fewer teams than the previous years, but next year there will be more, I expected. Despite the fact that only one team can win, you know that you as the ‘looser’ has to contribute to a charity. And who knows it will be your team next year that will bring forward a charity to contribute to with all of us.

Which charity are we going to play for? We thought about it very well and we agreed very soon that it had to be a charity of a small scale. One of which the amount of money will really contribute to the charity and not just a drop in the ocean like at a huge organization.

After a bit of discussion we chose the Kumbatio Foundation Holland.

The charity was chosen because a colleague of Constance spends quite some time in this charity. After reading the website of this charity by all 4 of us, we agreed that this charity met our ideas for a charity. So we told the management of the competition. Het doel werd gekozen omdat een collega van Constance veel vrije tijd steekt.

 After the competition Constance explained to all the teams why we chose for our charity Foundation Kumbatio Holland and thanked all who were present for their participation and also the other sponsors who made it possible to hand over the amount of €4000 to this foundation. 

Bas Pijnenburg

We as Kumbatio would like to thank you a lot for this great contribution and we will keep you updated!

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