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Webshop has been opened!
's-Hertogenbosch, 18 December 2013
Finally after a long time the webshop has been opened! Thanks to the great help of Anita van Rosmalen, a volunteer who has been in Kiota and means something to Kumbatio now to help us! In this way she can mean something to the children of Kiota.

The webshop contains Dutch things which she made herself, but of course also Kenyan things, like small bowls, bangles, necklaces, earrings and paintings, directly coming from Kenya! It could be that some of the things are not on store, but you will hear of that when you order or you'll see it already in the text of the article.

The webshop will be expanded along the time with things like bags, slipper and clothes, but I should say: have a look around in our little shop:

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