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How Shawn, the manager, experiences life in The Netherlands
's-Hertogenbosch,  5 September 2016
"It was on 9th August 2016 and finally the big day had arrived. I was going to the Netherlands!!!It all sounded like a big dream when i was telling the Kiota family goodbye. This was the very first time in my life to travel by an aeroplane and it was a very good experience. My journey was good and I arrived well.

Wow, the Netherlands is a very beautiful, clean and structured country!!!
I could not believe my eyes when I got here. All the big beautiful highways, the traffic lights, the big farms and the technology. This is very different from Kenya.
Well, it is now my 4th week since I came to the Netherlands and it has been an amazing time of learning the Dutch culture and visiting the beautiful country.
I feel very welcome here and I am happy to reconnect with volunteers who have been to Kiota. The volunteers have been so good to me and I feel at home. 
Here are some things I have learnt so far: 
  • People drive cars on the right side....yes this is still confusing to me until now. I am used to the left side driving and passengers sitting on the left side but here it is the other way round!!
  • People don’t walk on the is only for cars;
  • This is a biking nation....I was told there are more bikes than people in the Netherlands and I have seen so many bikes. I have gone biking also and it is fun!!
  • The Dutch love their food..I have never seen so many restaurants in my life!! In every corner there is a restaurant full of people eating and enjoying the weather sitting outside. Meal times are also very special times for people to be together;
  • Netherlands is very organized and structured;
  • The Dutch keep time and are very serious about someone getting late. This is very different because I come from the land of Hakuna matata where time is not that serious;
  • The Dutch love meat. I have eaten so many varieties of meat and there are still more to eat....amazing!!!
  • People love their pets. I have never seen so many dogs of all sizes and breeds being taken for a walk...some dogs even have clothes!!!
  • The Dutch knows how to have fun during good weather...they go to the beach, ride their boats, barbecue and so many other fun activities.
I am still learning a lot about the Netherlands and I am lucky to have such an experience. I look forward to even learn more during my 3 months stay here and i will go back to Kenya with lots of good memories!"

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