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Happy birthday Kiota!!!
's-Hertogenbosch/Thika,  3 September 2016
A report of Shawn, manager of Kiota:

Kiota is now 4 years old!!!!!And what a celebration we had!!!
On 9th August 2016, Kiota marked four years since opening the doors to the first 8 needy children in August, 2012. Four years 
on and Kiota has really grown. We now have 20 children, 3 house mothers, 1 house father and a manager.

It has been a nice journey for the Kiota family. Our joy is to see children who were once hopeless due to being orphans or 
being (sexually) abused by relatives or coming from very poor families smiling and having hope for a bright future.
The children wanted to have a big party for their 4th birthday....and yes it was!!! 

Everybody woke up early ready to help with the chores. The older children helped to clean the house, the younger ones helped 
the volunteers to put nice decorations around the compound and the house mothers were busy cooking with some help from the 
There was some nice music playing as the work continued and a big tent which could accommodate 100 people was put in the 

And after some time, all the work was done, food was ready, the compound looked good, everybody got cleaned up and the party 
was on!!!

It was a very good time of fun, games, laughter with plenty of food and drinks. Many people came to celebrate with us and the 
children were very happy for such a good day as you can tell from the photos.

We look forward for a good year ahead full of God’s blessings.

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