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Irene got reunited with her father!
's Hertogenbosch,  8 October 2018

Irene and her sister Josephine (twins) hasn’t seen their father since they were a baby. Irene never talked about it.  Until this august.. Suddenly she felt really sad about not being in contact with her father. She had ...

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Sharon B. is happy at her school!
's Hertogenbosch,  8 October 2018

Sharon B. showed her school to the members of Kumbatio. She is really proud and enjoys going to school. She follows a course for ‘tailoring’. After this course she wants to follow a course focused on massage techniques. She already showed that she naturally ...

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Donation of thrift store 'De Recycling' for The Kiota Dream
's-Hertogenbosch, 27 June 2018
Step by step we are getting closer by realizing the Kiota Dream. It goes a bit slower than expected, but we are still making a lot of progress! 

A lot of small and big donations are being made lately, thank you! One big donation was made by thrift store 'De Recycling'. They donated €1500 and we are really grateful for this! This makes the thermometer reach €65.000! 

We are still working hard to reach an amount of €102.000. That is why we are organising a sponsor activity. Soon we will ...

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Everyone found their tasks in Kiota!
‘s-Hertogenbosch, 11 June 2018

We redivided the tasks in Kiota. The result is that everyone in Kiota feels more involved and they all have the feeling that they are contributing more to the growth of Kiota. It is such a difference! The team is more energetic than they ever were before and they feel connected as a team. All of this changes have a positive impact on the children as well. The children feel the change in atmosphere and energy and are happy with it!

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Already 2018
Den Bosch,  2 January 2018
Best wishes for this New Year and thanks for all support and donations to keep Kiota Children's Home Healthy and make our dream come true! 

Newsletter november is published!
's Hertogenbosch, December 4, 2017
This time in the newsletter the following subjects:
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Charity of the month! Start your online shopping!
's Hertogenbosch,  4 December 2017
Yes, it’s the holiday season again. Some want to buy beautiful presents and others want to spend their money in a different way for example by donating to a charity! How great would it be if you could combine both?


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Project "Family planning and empowerment" started.
's Hertogenbosch,  4 December 2017
After months of preparation, it was finally time: the project Family planning and Empowerment started!

This project will run for a year and will be a huge positive contribution to the mothers, aunts, older sisters from the Kiota children. But also the fathers, uncles or older brothers will benefit from this project.
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Bottle refund from Albert Heijn – Eindhoven
's Hertogenbosch,  4 December 2017

On a regular basis Kumbatio is busy collecting bottle refund at different supermarkets throughout the country. Eventually this leads to a nice amount of money for Kiota. So we will definitely continue! It is a small effort for everyone who participates, but a large gesture for Kiota!  

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Sponsordiner 2017
's Hertogenbosch,  4 December 2017
The yearly sponsor dinner is coming again! This time at Saturday 4th November 2017 in centre ‘De Fonkel’ in Helmond. For the first time not in the place where Kumbatio is ‘born’, but Kumbatio is everywhere, right?

The dinner will be take care of by Masada Catering from Helmond.

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Free donation for Kumbatio Foundation Netherlands
's Hertogenbosch, December 4, 2017

Do you shop online?

From now on, you can shop online through When you shop through this website you can donate to our cause without paying anything extra! You can ...

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Annual report 2016
's-Hertogenbosch,  5 November 2017

The annual report is finished! 

Unfortunately it is in Dutch only. When you still want to have a look at it, you can download it here.


Donation trust fund Dirk Bos
's-Hertogenbosch,  5 November 2017

Maybe you've noticed... Our thermometer has risen tremendously!  ( This is because of the donation of  €25.000,- which we received of the trust fund Dirk Bos.

Also here we would like to thank the board of Dirk Bos with all our heart for granting us this request. We get a lot closer to our Kiota Dream!  

Selling envelopes at the King's day market succesfull
's-Hertogenbosch,  5 November 2017

Eindhoven, 14 mei 2017
At 27th april Kumbatio went to Korvel in Tilburg to the King's day market! Kumbatio arranged a stand at the King's day market to sell original Kenyan products and to sell envelopes. These envelopes are a symbol for m2 ground to be able to buy land and realize the Kiota Dream. It was a great day, we sold a lot of products and envelopes and many people were ...

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Beautiful donation!
's-Hertogenbosch,  5 November 2017
May 2017
We have received a beautiful donation of a trust fund in Zaltbommel of €1000! This money will be used for The Kiota Dream. 

Together with other donations which we have already received and other ways of making The Kiota Dream come true we can see that we are almost getting there to reach our first €50.000 to be able to buy land in Kenya. 

For more information about The Kiota Dream, ...

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King's market Tilburg
's-Hertogenbosch,  5 November 2017

April 10, 2017
We have a stand at the King's Market in Tilburg. It looks like it will be a great day, because the King and Queen will visit the city. 

We sell original Kenya products and square meters of land for The Kiota Dream. This ...

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Donation Enexis 'Together for others'
's-Hertogenbosch,  5 November 2017

We have received a donation of €6.500,- from the staff fund called "Together for Others" of Enexis. This fund supports children in their development towards an independent way of living.

The donation will be used to help realizing the Kiota Dream. Further information about the Kiota Dream can be found on the concerned page at the website.  Meanwhile we have collected €19.000,- to buy the land. We expect that we need another €30.000,-!

We really want to thank Enexis and in particular the staff fund for their contribution. The children will fully ...

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A dive into the ice cold water!
's-Hertogenbosch,  5 November 2017
January 2017

Also this year our Chairman Yvette has ventured herself into an ice-cold dive in the water on January 1, 2017. She was accompanied by Kitty de Jong and Bas Bruurmijn. What a heroes! When you click on this link you will find a movie which gives you a good impression of the atmosphere (and the cold).

With this dive they collected € 2.805,-. We really need this amount badly to cover the ...

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Donation of €800 because of retirement!
's-Hertogenbosch,  5 November 2017
February 2017

Recently two employees of the NS (Dutch Railway company) who are a couple as well and work together in Alkmaar, said goodbye to the NS to enjoy their retirement. They wanted to have donations for Kiota instead of presents. What a lovely gesture and what a great donations they got: €800!

Marrie and Koos, thank you very much on behalf of all children! 

We ...

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Best wishes for 2017
's-Hertogenbosch,  5 November 2017
January 2017

Dear sponsors, donors and everyone who cares about us, 

on behalf of all children of Kiota Children's Home

ook and of course
on behalf of Florence, Priscilla and Viginia

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New Year's Dive 2017
's-Hertogenbosch,  5 November 2017

The time is there again: the New Year’s Dive which is organized everywhere in the country! People want to start the new year with a fresh dive or as a start for the new resolutions of the year. You could also decide to do something good for this world with this dive. That is why founder Yvette Boltze is attending this dive for the 4th time to collect €2500 for Kiota Children’s Home for 2017 to be able to pay the costs for important needs like food, water and electricity.

In the previous years this New ...

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Looking back at the sponsor dinner 2016
's-Hertogenbosch,  5 November 2017

October 2016

It has been a while since the sponsordinner 2016 took place: 17the of September.  The preparations start like usually in February every year. This year we did it differently because of the 5-year anniversary. We have worked together with ‘Van de Plas Horecagroep’  who had proposed to have the sponsor dinner in the ‘Bug Church’  at the ‘Kerkpleintje’  in the heart of the city ‘s-Hertogenbosch. After we’ve taken everything into consideration, we’d deciced ...

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How Shawn, the manager, experiences life in The Netherlands
's-Hertogenbosch,  5 September 2016
"It was on 9th August 2016 and finally the big day had arrived. I was going to the Netherlands!!!It all sounded like a big dream when i was telling the Kiota family goodbye. This was the very first time in my life to travel by an aeroplane and it was a very good experience. My journey was good and I arrived well.

Wow, the Netherlands is a very beautiful, clean and structured country!!!
I could not believe my eyes when I got here. All the big beautiful highways, the traffic lights, the big farms and the technology. This is very different from ...

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Happy birthday Kiota!!!
's-Hertogenbosch/Thika,  3 September 2016
A report of Shawn, manager of Kiota:

Kiota is now 4 years old!!!!!And what a celebration we had!!!
On 9th August 2016, Kiota marked four years since opening the doors to the first 8 needy children in August, 2012. Four years 
on and Kiota has really grown. We now have 20 children, 3 house mothers, 1 house father and a manager.

It has been a nice journey for the Kiota family. Our joy is to see children who were once hopeless due to being orphans or 
being (sexually) abused by relatives or coming ...

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The sale of sausages was a big succes!!
's-Hertogenbosch, 16 June 2016
's-Hertogenbosch, 9 June 2016

On Whit Monday there was an event ‘Beleef de Boerderij/Experience the farm’ in the Bommelerwaard. It was an event where people who were interested to go there, could have a look inside seven farms in the towns Hedel, Ammerzoden and Well. One of the farms was the biological pigfarm of Janny and Andries van den Bogert in Hedel. They offered Kumbatio to sell sausages that day of which the profits were completely for Kiota Children’s Home.

It was an highly successful and fun day with over 1500 visitors at the farm. ...

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Mission accomplished: a car for Kiota!
's-Hertogenbosch,  8 June 2016
21 May, 2016

The founder of Kumbatio went to Kiota again to arrange some things in preparation for The Kiota Dream and to enjoy her time in Kiota as much as possible!

What is already known for a while is that we are looking for funds for purchasing a car. This is really desirable because it means that Kiota can be totally indepent of public transport. Public transport in Kenya is dangerous and ...

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Announcement Sponsor dinner 2016
's-Hertogenbosch, April 12, 2016
It is time again! We are already working for some months behind the scenes to organize the sponsor dinner 2016, and this time it is not a regular sponsor dinner!

It is already the fifth time we organize a sponsor dinner for Kumbatio and this lustrum needs to be celebrated!

We will already reveal a tip of the veil:

The date will be Saturday, September 17th,  ...

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Lena Muller organised a succesful come-back party!
's-Hertogenbosch, 11 April 2016
Lena Muller spent six weeks at Kiota where she had an incredibly wonderful time. Her idea was to share this experience with as much people as possible. That’s why she invited her whole family, friends of the family, friends and classmates on the 3rd of April at the Mariapaviljoen in the centre of ‘s-Hertogenbosch.
Besides a good atmosphere with some snacks and drinks, Lena drew everyone’s attention by telling enthusiastic about her story while pictures of Kiota were projected on the wall!

To share her story and experiences as much as possible, she ...

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Big thank you to ‘De Spullewaard’!
's-Hertogenbosch, 18 March 2016

In the third week of January one of our volunteers Arta van Mil held a presentation about Kumbatio at the thrift shop ‘De Spullewaard’.  In this presentation she emphasized which things have priority in Kiota: a car and the school fees. The school fees will cause the general costs of Kiota to be higher more and more. First of all because education is very important to break the cycle of poverty and second because slowly more of our children are getting older and they need to continue with their education at high school. ...

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Loise is first child of Kiota going to secondary school!
's-Hertogenbosch, 10 March 2016
A big step, because following education is a very important factor in breaking the cycle of poverty and to learn being self reliant. All of the children in Kiota are attending primary education at a private school close to Kiota, but of course we all know that little children grow up! So .. this month it was the time!

After Loise passed her exams with really good marks, she was invited to follow further education at one of the best boarding high schools in Thika.

We are all so proud of her and she is super excited to be the first child of Kiota setting this ...

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Our new board member!
's-Hertogenbosch, 10 March 2016
Yes, it can happen just like that that you encounter Kumbatio, you go to the sponsor dinner, you see what is going on behind the scenes and you see how the children of Kiota are doing.... At a certain moment you decide to go to Kenya to see everything for yourself. And then... you're not able to let it go!

This is what happened to Sandra van Kasteren who was involved a lot as a volunteer last year. She helped more and more, she thought about things with us to help to get more structure into Kumbatio. Not financially, but task and policy wise. And that is what we need! ...

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Nice amount of money New Year’s Dive 2016
's-Hertogenbosch, 10 March 2016
It's almost a week ago that the New Year's Dive in Scheveningen took place. Yvette Boltze and Tessa van Genderen were the ones who did it! Fortunately it wasn't that cold, but the temperature outside was still cold enough! And there they went together with 10.000 other brave people into the water on the first of January at 12 noon!

Despite that they only had 2 weeks time to fundraise money from friends, family and colleagues, the total amount of money they collected has been quite a bit! Because the total gain was €1400! Together with the already received €3000 ...

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Looking back at 2015 and of course the best wishes for 2016!
's-Hertogenbosch,  7 March 2016

's-Hertogenbosch, December 31, 2015

Dear sponsors, donors, volunteers and other people who read this,

The year 2015 is gone and has flown like usual!

We’re contented when looking back at the last year in which we ...

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New Year's Dive 2016
's-Hertogenbosch,  7 March 2016
s-Hertogenbosch, December 15, 2015

Hi all! 

We have got so far again! The New Year’s Dive for Kumbatio!

We’re desperately in need of a car so that’s the goal we have this time. We are 100% dependent on the public transport. This transport isn’t even safe. So when we have our own vehicle, it will help us in: 
  • Taking the children to the doctor/hospital/dentist when needed
  • Doing the weekly and monthly groceries for the whole children’s ...

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News updates
's-Hertogenbosch,  5 March 2016
's-Hertogenbosch, December 3, 2015

Soon there will be a few news updates, after the founder has returned from Kenya. But in the meantime there's a lot of work to do like usual!

On Facebook you can read something about the developments of Kiota. Next to that we're busy with fundraising, so we can buy land. 

If you want to be kept updated, subscribe here

See you soon!

The story of Sandra van Kasteren in Kiota!
's-Hertogenbosch,  3 March 2016

's-Hertogenbosch, October 17, 2015

Jambo, I am Sandra van Kasteren and this year I've been to Kenya for 4 weeks (May-Juni 2015). I've been following Kiota since a few years, I've joined the sponsor dinner several times and I've helped at the book fair in Den Bosch this year. I had plans earlier to go to Kiota. This year it finally happened.

My experience in Kenya in one word: Wow!

Wow, what a lovely family the Kiota Family is! Grateful for everything, for the smallest things. Having food every day is something ...

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Sponsor dinner 2015 again a great succes!
's-Hertogenbosch, March 3, 2016
It has been 2 weeks ago since the sponsor dinner took place on Saturday  19 September to obtain the Kiota food budget for 2016. After a huge preparation for about 8 months, finally the time was there. Due to the pleasant cooperation the event took place again at De lachende Vis (the smiling Fish) in Empel. Just like last year the part 'restaurant' was fully volunteered by Cor Burgerhof (chef), Wouter Burgerhof (cook), Mayke Burgerhof (waitress), Cindy Olfers (coordinating waitresses), Evy, Avelon, Ruud, Robin, Rick, Sean en Rens (kitchen and waitresses). All was very ...

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Kumbatio Kenya has been born!
's-Hertogenbosch, March 3, 2016

Since October 2014 we are working to gain the status "NGO" (Non Governmental Organisation). After we submitted all the necessary documents, we heard nothing for months... Shawn went several times to Nairobi where the NGO-board is located.  This is the “umbrella organisation” for all NGO's in Kenia. But he came no step forward.

However, after 9 months of waiting (very symbolic) we finally received our certificate and "Kumbatio Kenya" has been born! Apparently the certificate was lying at someone’s ...

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Kiota needs more space!
's-Hertogenbosch, March 3, 2016
's-Hertogenbosch, 18 augustus 2015

Yes, Kiota needs space! You're asking what it means?

The children are growing and they have the need more and more to talk about what they've went throught, before they've come to Kiota. And those stories are heavy! The baggage they carry along with themselves is heavily loaded and needs to be unloaded as much as possible!

Because of that we have big plans to offer the children more space so they have mental space as well to process their traumas. 
Next to that we want to be more ...

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Would you like to be our new board member?
's-Hertogenbosch, March 3, 2016
's-Hertogenbosch, 14th of April 2015

Kumbatio is obviously growing! To realize all our plans we are looking for new board members. The main plan we're very busy with at the moment is purchasing land in Kenya. This is necessary, because the space of the rented house is too small to offer a healthy environment for the children. Next to that ther's no room for an office and no privacy for the children who are more and more confrontede with their traumas. We also don't have the possibility to be more selfsufficient and at last we don't know how much longer we can ...

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Would you like to support one of our children financially?
's-Hertogenbosch, 29 February 2016

‘s-Hertogenbosch, 29th of May 2015

After a long period of time finding sponsors for our children we have finished the first stage: all children have at least 1 or 2 sponsors!

The day Yvette Boltze (founder) left Kiota to return to The Netherlands at 24th of May we received a message from Australia that someone there would like to sponsor the last child which was not  fully sponsored yet. The ...

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Cafe Averechts sponsors cooking system of Kiota
's-Hertogenbosch, 29 February 2016

‘s-Hertogenbosch, May 19, 2015

Companies, institutions, organizations and individuals support charities in different ways just like café 'Averechts' in Utrecht.

After we presented our projectplan “Jiko” to them, we have been selected as one of the charities last year. The donation is collected by means of a tip jar of which the amount of tips ...

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Call for 2 new board members!
's-Hertogenbosch, February 26, 2016
's-Hertogenbosch, 14th of April 2015 

Kumbatio is obviously growing! To realize all our plans we are looking for new board members. The main plan we're very busy with at the moment is purchasing land in Kenya. This is necessary, because the space of the rented house is too small to offer a healthy environment for the children. Next to that ther's no room for an office and no privacy for the children who are more and more confrontede with their traumas. We also don't have the possibility to be more selfsufficient and at last we don't know how much longer we can stay ...

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Volunteer Arta van Mil shares her experiences
's-Hertogenbosch, 26 February 2016
Our volunteer Arta van Mil has returned of her month stay at Kiota. She had a marvelous stay and would like to share this with you on our volunteer page.

Would you like to know how she experienced Kiota? Click here and scroll down until you see her story. (Only in Dutch)

Kumbatio is the main charity at the Vincentius bookfair!
's-Hertogenbosch, 23 February 2016
's-Hertogenbosch, January 17, 2015

Every year the Vincentius union organizes the biggest bookfair (between 1200 – 1500 exhibitors and more than 100.000 books!!) of Noord-Brabant. The revenue of this fair is going to charities which concentrate on developing countries. They selected one charity out of all notified charities as the main project. To be considered as the main project we have to offer a well grounded project plan with a financial explanation.

After waiting for almost a year for the outcome of the selection of the tendered projects, we ...

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Report of Dieuwertje van der Heijden about her stay in Kiota
's-Hertogenbosch, 23 February 2016

's-Hertogenbosch, January 7, 2015

It has been a while ago that Dieuwertje van der Heijden has stayed in Kiota for 2 months but this is the way we spread the experiences of the volunteers who stay in Kiota mostly during summer holidays.

You can read her wonderful experience only on our Dutch page where the volunteers write their stories! 

It was a beautiful 2014! Thanks!
's-Hertogenbosch, 20 February 2016

‘s-Hertogenbosch, December 23, 2014

 We would like to thank everybody who contributed - in any way possible – to Kumbatio to be able to provide in the basic needs. We have set up sponsor activities together with volunteers. Everybody who enrolled for a certain activity has contributed to this and we’re very greatful for that!

 There are also small and large individual sponsors who do a donation on an monthly or yearly basis to provide in the yearly budget for ...

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Birthday party with Makali Sounds for Kumbatio!
's-Hertogenbosch, February 20, 2016
It has been a while ago, but due to a lot of things for fund raisings for Kiota Children's Home and the stay in Kenia, unfortunately I did not have time to write this message. But no matter how long ago, this action deserves all our attention!

A few months ago we received a phone call of Peti Van Rooij-Elberse. Instead of people giving her presents for her sixtiest birthday, she wanted to organise a fund raising for Kumbatio in cooperation with Makali Sounds.  The founder of the band is Kenian and her Son Niels is playing in the band as a drummer. This ...

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Thanks to all the new sponsors of the children!
's-Hertogenbosch, February 20, 2016

‘s-Hertogenbosch, 7 December 2014

 Yvette Boltze (Founder Kumbatio) is back for almost 2 weeks of her stay of 4 weeks in Kenya. The children were very happy when the children heard when she told the news that another 7 children are sponsored on top of the others who were already sponsored.

It’s very excited for the children to hear who are their new private sponsors. They have contact with their sponsors a few times per year through a letter and photos. The child is always looking forward to ...

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Charity golf match “De Pettelaar for Kumbatio!”
's-Hertogenbosch, 20 February 2016

Thika, 14 November 2014

 Half October there was a golf competiotion at the ‘Golf Parc De Pettelaar ‘s-Hertogenbosch’.  It was decided to choose Kumbatio as a charity to play for. How did they come to Kumbatio?

“A few weeks ago the time was finally there, the annual Charity game. And of course we wanted to join in, but the question was: of what members did the team exist?

This would also have been the case for the several other ...

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Succesful sponsor dinner
's-Hertogenbosch, 20 February 2016
’s-Hertogenbosch, October 19, 2014

With a room filled with 70 guests we could say that the sponsor dinner was very successful! For the second time the owner of the ‘Lachende Vis’, Mario van Lith, offered his hall of which we are very grateful! Together with the 2 cooks Cor and Wouter Burgerhof who prepared a lovely 4 course menu, this evening became a great success. 
Of course we can’t forget the effort of the serving which has been done by Nienke Burgerhof, Thijs Burgerhof and Mayke Burgerhof and 2 staff ...

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Story of volunteer Jozefien Govers
's-Hertogenbosch, 20 February 2016

's-Hertogenbosch, September 13, 2016

Do you want to know how Jozefien Govers experience her stay of 3 months in Kiota? Read her (Dutch) story here under “Voluntary work”! 

Selfsustainable shop for Kiota
's-Hertogenbosch, February 15, 2016

10 september 2014

Yes, for sure, we want to get more self sufficient and tried that with our first crowdfunding project  “Selfsustainable shop for children’s home in Kenya”. 

Unfortunately this was not successful. You need a network and you also work on a new network. This way of crowdfunding was done through the 1%Club for which you don’t need to ...

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Expanding network for vegetableshop Kiota
's-Hertogenbosch, August 29, 2015
As most of you already know, we are organizing a Sponsordiner on 11 October, the Spinningmarathon is coming and soon there will be the New Year's Dive of 2015. We are collecting money for Children's Home Kiota in Kenya in several ways. Meanwhile we are trying to collect money for our greengrocery. Since November Kiota has a vegatable garden with enough food for Kiota itself. The remaining vegetables are for sale. We also have the possibility to sell the eggs from our chickens. In this way we help Kiota to be more self-sufficient. This is a positive ...

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Invitation and enrolment Sponsor Dinner 2014
's-Hertogenbosch, 29 August 2015
It is that time of the year again! Sponsordiner 2014 is coming! It will be on 11 October in De Lachende Vis in Empel. You will find all the information in the menu “Sponsordiner”. We hope to welcome you to collect the €4200 food budget for Kiota togheter, while we are enjoying a wonderful 4-course menu.
See you on 11 October!

Results lottery
's-Hertogenbosch, 29 August 2015
With pleasure we can inform you about Hans van Bruggen's lottery tickets sale for the children in Kiota. He earned €1000! We want to thank all the buyers for their share! It's an amazing result!
Also the winners of the lottery are announced. On Tuesdaynight 1 July the winning tickets are picked by Yvette Boltze, Hans van Burggen and Arta van Mil. Marian van Bruggen had supervision.
Congratulations with your prizes! They will be send as soon as possible. Or we will let you know if you can pick up your prize yourself.

New story of one of our volunteers
's-Hertogenbosch, 29 August 2015
We have a new travel story from one of our volunteers who went to Kiota together with her father. Read about their adventures at!

Announcement Sponsor dinner 2014
's-Hertogenbosch, August 29, 2015
It's been a year since we've organized the Sponsor dinner 2013 in De Lachende Vis in Empel together with Horecagroothandel (catering wholesale business) Willie Robben. The program was filled with an African performance, an auction and, of course, a presentation about foundation Kumbatio and her Kiota Children's Home. The program happened while everyone was enjoying 4-course menu prepared by professional cooks who did volunteer for the whole night.  This year, the Sponsor dinner will be on Saturday 11 October, again in De Lachende Vis in Empel. Save the date and inform all your ...

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Dieuwertje van der Heijden joins the Vestingsloop
's-Hertogenbosch, 29 August 2015
Help the children in Thika, Kenya!
On Sunday the 25th of May 2014 is Dieuwertje van der Heijden going to participate in the Vestigingloop in Den Bosch. With her participation she will collect money for Kumbatio. Shortly she will visit Kenya to volunteer at Kiota Children's Home. 
Do you want to sponsor Dieuwertje to help the children in Kenya? You can put a voluntary contribution on the following bankaccount: 8870769 in the name of DJ van der Heijden. Every euro makes a difference!

April 2014: Hans van der Bruggen cycles for Kumbatio!
's-Hertogenbosch, March 7, 2015
Hans van der Bruggen is going to cycles through the south of England for Kumbatio. Here you can read his first blog who he keeps for everybody who wants to follow him:

 Op 19 mei ga ik beginnen aan mijn fietstocht door Zuid Engeland.Vanuit Zaltbommel fiets ik naar Hoek van Holland en ga daar om 22.30u met de boot naar Harwich.Vandaar fiets ik in 2 dagen naar Abbey Woods Camping Site in Greenwich ...

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Do you have a cellphone you don't use anymore?
's-Hertogenbosch, 14 February 2014
Wij hebben ons aangesloten bij de organisatie "Geef je mobiel", ( die ervoor zorgt dat organisaties zoals Stichting Kumbatio geld kunnen inzamelen met mobiele telefoontjes die worden ingeleverd. We weten allemaal dat er enorm vel mobiele telefoons 'rondzwerven' in huis of op het werk. Dat is toch zonde? Je kan ze dan beter aan een goed doel schenken, nietwaar?

Heb je een mobieltje ergens liggen die je niet meer gebruikt? Laat het ons dan eevn weten via mail of telefoon zie contact). Wij zullen je dan weer laten weten waar je het kan inleveren. ...

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Fundraising of New Year's Dive 2014 was worth while!
's-Hertogenbosch, 14 February 2014
Voor de tweede keer is er door Kumbatio meegedaan aan de Nieuwjaarsduik. Door de mooie opbrengst die de eerste keer door 4 vrijwilligers bij elkaar is verzameld, was het eigenlijk de bedoeling om dit jaar met een groep van 10 vrijwilligers deze duik te gaan doen om een veelvoud van het eerste bedrag op de halen (€1500,-). Helaas is dit er door gebrek aan tijd niet van gekomen om dit te organiseren...

Anneloes Dirks en Yvette Boltze zijn daarom dit jaar met z'n tweetjes de uitdaging aan gegaan. Het weer was dan niet zo koud en daarmee het water ook niet, maar ...

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Thanks for the support!
's-Hertogenbosch, 31 December 2013
We're looking back at a succesfull, beautiful and grown Kumbatio and Kiota in 2013!

It's amazing to see how the children have grown as well physically as mentally. This is why we do all this! Next to the growth itself we also see that we could have taken care of sufficient food and water next to the other necessities for the children. Especially education what is so important, is something the children just love to join. They are proud about their achievements!

The housemothers Florence and Julia have also shown that they want to give the children ...

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Webshop has been opened!
's-Hertogenbosch, 18 December 2013
Finally after a long time the webshop has been opened! Thanks to the great help of Anita van Rosmalen, a volunteer who has been in Kiota and means something to Kumbatio now to help us! In this way she can mean something to the children of Kiota.

The webshop contains Dutch things which she made herself, but of course also Kenyan things, like small bowls, bangles, necklaces, earrings and paintings, directly coming from Kenya! It could be that some of the things are not on store, but you will hear of that when you order or you'll see it already in the text of the article. ...

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Anneloes Dirks: an experience of a lifetime!
's-Hertogenbosch, 19 November 2013

The story of Anneloes has still to be translated and photos are to be seen in the Dutch version for now!

Progress of Kiota
's-Hertogenbosch,  6 October 2013
Yvette Boltze has been to Kenya for a month again and she has seen a lot of positive developments concerning the structure of organisation and furnituring. At this moment 2 volunteers are working had to at the furniture to make the work easier for the staff. But a lot has yet to be done!

Next to that we've had a volunteer in the last month who was making the children especially happy with his guitar plays. The children loved it! A report of his stay will be written here soon!

Back in Holland we need to work hard for Kumbatio. There does seem to be a lot of ...

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Kiota exists 1 year!
's-Hertogenbosch, 31 August 2013
This is worth a party! Kiota has celebrated its first anniversary on August 10th! The staff and children had a nice day and they definitely deserve it! 

A lot of work has been done by Kumbatio itself, but also Kiota and everybody else who has supported in one way or another. 

Thanks for all the support and we're very happy with the result!

Get to know Samuel, Sharon en Teresia
's-Hertogenbosch, 31 July 2013
In the last month we got 3 new children: Samuel, Sharon and Teresia. Curious? Just have a look at "Children" in the menu!

Do you wish to sponsor one of these children? Fill in our contactform for more information or start to read "Sponsor a child"!

Johan van Breugel fundraised a nice amount!
's-Hertogenbosch, 23 June 2013
We're not stopping working! Cris Immens made an effort to help 3 men loosing weight. These men were Johan van Breugel, Ad van de Ven en Paul de Keijzer. They didn't do it just for themselves, but also to fundraise for Kumbatio.

Sunday 16th of June the result of the total fundraise was announced. Johan van Breugel was showing his total weight at the ordiance at the market square in Sint Michielsgestel. He was wearing 18 t-shirts, which he was going to take off one by one and after that offering for sell as an extra fundraise activity for Kumbatio.

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A very succesful charity dinner!
's-Hertogenbosch, 21 June 2013
Today the summer has officially started and what a beautiful day to announce that the charity dinner has been a great succes!

Saturday 15th of June the cooks started preparing dinner at 10am in the Lachende Vis. Next to that we set up the dinner room and decorated it from 12am. At 5pm the first guests arrived and soon after that the other guests followed. During the opening speech the guests were taken through Kenya in it to have a bit of a taste of the culture after which everybody could started having dinner.

Between the courses there was a presentation ...

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Our staff of Kiota
's-Hertogenbosch, 25 May 2013
We're asked many times who the people are who work for Kiota. And of course it's very nice and illustrates who are there for the children and who'll you meet if you choose to be a volunteer in Kiota.

So we would like to introduce you to our staff by clicking here or have a look at "Children's home".

Voluntary workers report of their stay in Kiota
's-Hertogenbosch, 21 April 2013
Theo and Anita van Rosmalen went to Kiota for 3 weeks and returned very enthusiastic with a lot of stories to tell. Read here about how they experienced their stay at Kiota from February 9th until March 2nd, 2013!
(dutch only)

Losing weight for Kumbatio and Kiota!
's-Hertogenbosch, April 21, 2013
Later this year, Wim van Vessem will travel to Kenya to do odd jobs, help out and play football with the children at Kiota. In order to purchase tools and materials Wim researched the possibility for sponsoring. Luckily he has a large family, many friends and he knows a lot of people in clubs and societies who like to support him!

So Wim came up with a sponsor activity that cuts both ways. Since Johan van Breugel, Ad van de Ven and Paul Keijzer are on a diet, Wim is having them sponsored for every kilo they lose. They started their diet at Carnival and are well on their ...

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Sponsor a child
's-Hertogenbosch, April 1, 2013
We have established our project "Sponsor a child"! This project give the opportunity to bring the people who are sponsoring a bit closer to the children in order to enlarge involvement.

People who would like to sponsor can sponsor a child for € 20,- or € 40,- a month. This means when you pay € 20,- you will sponsor a child together with another sponsor. A sponsor will support a child for at least a year and will sign a contract for this. The sponsor receives an update of the child 4 times a year together with some photos and a personal letter or drawing of ...

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Busy times!
's-Hertogenbosch, March 27, 2013
We're very busy with our foundation! Since a week we've started to organise the sponsordiner. A lot of work needs to be done to organise the way we want. You can find a lot more information about this under the button "Sponsordiner" and we hope to welcome you as a guest!

Next to that we're busy finding companies which would like to support us, so we're sure of a sort of fixed financial base. This needs also a lot of time.

Finally the project "Sponsor a child" is almost ready to get started. We will be live ...

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Founder of Kumbatio visits Kiota for the first time
's-Hertogenbosch,  5 March 2013
From the 2nd January till the 30 January Yvette went to Kenya to visit Kiota and have a look how things are, how the children are and what is all necessary for the house and of course to enjoy Kenya!

"The children's home looks good. It is still a little dull, but that is not the most important thing. The most important thing is that the children's home offers the children what they truly need: beds, clean water, healthy food and people around them with whom they feel comfortable and who do their best for them from their heart. I saw it all and I felt very good about it! ...

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's-Hertogenbosch, 25 December 2012
On behalf of Foundation Kumbatio and on behalf of all children of Kiota we send the best wishes for 2013 to all who have supported us in 2012!

Four new children in Kumbatio
's-Hertogenbosch, 25 December 2012
Since a week or two we have 4 new children in Kiota. Charles 2 years old, John 8 years old, Eliud 3 years old and Jimmy 6 years old. These four children are brought to Kiota by the DCO, District Children's Officer. Despite the fact that we weren't prepared for that, these children are taken to Kiota concerning the motto: better to rescue one child today, before tomorrow is too late. And we love to help of course!
These children will go to school as well and just like the rest of the children, they will have their own bed and clothing. It's very exciting for the other ...

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Fundraising Singerklaas in Empel around 700 euro!
's-Hertogenbosch, December 13, 2012

Sunday 2 December the fundraising commission accomplished the Sinterklaas activity. It was a great activity with lot of entertainment and good music!  

This activity was presented by Frank. First he sang for 15 minutes together with the children with the hope for the arrival of Sinterklaas. 

The children were very enthusiastic and sinterklaas was very happy to see them all. Each time when Sinterklaas had to tell something, a loud beep sounded made by the DJ's Ronald and Daan. This meant the children had to be seated on their ...

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Sinterklaas helps the children of Kiota
's-Hertogenbosch, December 13, 2012

This year Sinterklaas will visit De Lachende Vis in Empel as well. He has a very special reason for that. Sinterklaas has decided to help the children of Kiota. That's why he engaged the Pietenband  for the for his arrival in De Lachende Vis. These young and musical pieten know how to set up a party! Next to that there are several Pietengames to do for all children and will a DJ be present to make it even more exiting. Then there will be a danceteam of Van Gent Sportsschool to do a spectaculare Hip-Hop demo. The ...

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A very succesful spinning marathon!
's-Hertogenbosch,  8 October 2012

Yes, the time had come! Sunday 7th October we went spinning with 23 people for 3 hours in a row for our children's home in Thika. After 4 weeks of preparation for the organisation and to collect the sponsor money, the board members Cris, Yvette, Beaty, Rob (husband of Beaty) and the mother of Beaty have spent hours the day before the marathon on baking the lovely snack "Samosa". The next day we were ready at the Sportcentre Reflex at 10.15am to do the very last preparations.

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Trial Sportiom with contribution for children's home Kiota
's-Hertogenbosch, October 8, 2012

Saturday morning there was a trial at the sportcentre Sportiom 's-Hertogenbosch for which there was asked a contribution for our children's home Kiota. We used a small booth, a Powerpoint Presentation and several Kenyan gems and soapstone sculptures, bowls and candle standards to sell for the children's home.
The participants put their contribution in the pot which was also standing on the booth.

Because it was the first time, we particularly learned how to we should do it the next time. We've noticed that the people who sport don't carry a wallet with them!... ...

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Subsidy Millenium Goals 's-Hertogenbosch
's-Hertogenbosch,  3 October 2012
Just like last year we have applied for the subsidy of the Millenium goals of the municipality of 's-Hertogenbosch. Last year we didn't really connect to the theme of that year, but this year we had good hope and we wrote a new and fantastic plan.

The millenium goals are arrangements of the leaders of the government to decrease poverty, sickness and hunger. The municipality of 's-Hertogenbosch puts an effort into stopping extreme poverty, all children go to primary school, stimulation of durable life circumstances and fair trade, relieving of debts and help.

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Sponsor Dita for the half marathon for Kumbatio
's-Hertogenbosch, September 19, 2012
Who is Dita?

Dita want to go for the half marathon on October 21th. She is doing this for Kumbatio! Do you believe that Dita will make this and do you want to support her and so you will sponsor Kumbatio, please send an email to and let us know whether you want to support her per kilometer or just for the fact that she will get to the finish of this Marathon!

You can read a bit of her blog below:

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Spinningmarathon 7 Oktober 2012
's-Hertogenbosch, September 5, 2012


Sunday 7 Oktober from 11.00 – ...

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The children's home is born!
's-Hertogenbosch, 24 August 2012
Yes, finally, we have a Swahili name for the children's home:


This means 'nest' in English. Symbolic you can explain this as security, warmth, grow and caretaking.

The name as a whole is "Children's Home 'Kiota'".

Now it's time to design a name sign with the logo!

The first stories of the volunteers
's-Hertogenbosch, August 19, 2012
Our first volunteers are in our new children's home for 12 days now. They are confronted with impressive situations and share their experiences as follows:

"The shoes we took from Holland were really welcome.  All the children, except 1, was walking barefoot when we arrived and also clothing was really necessary. We have been to the doctor with 3 children. While we were there, 2 girls have been brought to the children's home so this means we're at a total of 10 children at the moment. The girls have pneumonia, James of 4 years old doesn't have that ...

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The first volunteers have arrived!
's-Hertogenbosch, 10 August 2012
The first volunteers have arrived in our new children's home! Exciting! The first 10 children have also arrived! Their pictures will be here soon! The development of these first, new, imporant steps in the coming 3 weeks can be followed here or on Facebook!

Would you like to be a volunteer in our children's home? Or would you like to help us with sponsoractivities? Just apply through our website!

's-Hertogenbosch, 15 July 2012
Finally, finally, finally! After a long way of 6 months, we've finally got there: Foundation Kumbatio Holland has found their new children's home!!

This new children's home can accomodate 20 children, 4 volunteers, 2 housemothers and a manager. From August there will be 10 children as a start. We give these children everything they need: food, water, clothing, a nice bed, education and entrance to medical assistance. When everything runs smoothly, we will extend up to 20 children.

This means as a foundation: there needs work to be done! We need about € ...

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New board member
's-Hertogenbosch,  8 July 2012
Since the 1st of June we have a new board member who shall focus on the most important task: PR and fundraising. Her name is Cris Immens and she is 28 years old. She came to our board, because she went to Kenya through Kumbatio in May of this year. She was very enthousiastic about her experience.

We have faith in her enthousiasm en the work she will do for Kumbatio and welcome her to our board.

More information about her see Kumbatio Foundation

Spinningmarathon 2012
's-Hertogenbosch, April 20, 2012
Just like last year we will do a Spinningmarathon as a fundraising activity for the new children's home in Thika.

Thanks to the cooperation of Sportcentre Reflex (073-6423939) we have 22 bikes which can be used freely for this day. Participants can use the bike, which can be set to your own strength, 1,5 hour (or 2 times 1,5 hour)

This day will be Saturday 16 June 2012 and the programme will be as follows:

10.15am gathering together

10.30am the 1st group gets on the bike for Kumbatio

12.00am break

12.15pm the 2nd ...

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Boardmember Sponsor Recruiting and PR wanted!
's-Hertogenbosch, 28 March 2012
We are looking for someone who would like to take care of recruiting sponsors and public relations for our foundation. Are you a real networker who knows how to recruite sponsors, both private and corporate, and would you like to be involved in a project that will help us provide dozens of children with their basic needs?

Please email or call us for further information!

Silence.... for new plans!
's-Hertogenbosch,  7 February 2012
Next to the volunteers who go to Kenya through our organisation to work for a children's home and to get to know the Kenyan culture, Kumbatio itself is busy with several new plans. Kumbatio undergoes a metamorphism to make sure to accomplish those plans in Kenya from A till Z with huge enthousiasm, expertise and trust!

Stay tuned in this website, because this is going to change as well! We are looking forward a lot, but don't say anything yet!

To be continued!

Charity Dinner
's-Hertogenbosch, July 21, 2011
And we're busy putting together our next activity: the charity dinner.
It will take place on October 1st, 2011 between 6.30 pm - 10.30 pm. Location: "Het Klooster" in Waalre near Eindhoven. 60 Guests can be seated and the dinner consists of 4 courses! We're going to make this a real celebration, because of Kumbatio's approaching 1 year anniversary!

If you'd like to read more and register for this event, please click the "Charity dinner" button and we hope to welcome you on October ...

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Opbrengst Spinningmarathon Sportiom 's-Hertogenbosch
's-Hertogenbosch, July 5, 2011
Het definitieve sponsorbedrag is bekend van de spinningmarathon die gehouden is op 2 juni 2011 in het Sportiom 's-Hertogenbosch....

Na het nauwkeurig optellen van al het geld wat op is gehaald, het ondertekenen van de officiële sponsorbrief door Jeanne de Vaan (vrijwilliger Kumbatio) en Suzanne van Ewijk (Sportiom) en het overhandigen van het geld aan Kumbatio waren wij allemaal blij verrast met de totale opbrengst van:

€ 2250,-!!!

Iedereen die hieraan heeft ...

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Spinning-marathon in het Sportiom een groot succes !!
's-Hertogenbosch,  2 June 2011
Precies om 9.00 uur werd het startsein gegeven voor de spinning-marathon in het Sportiom in Den Bosch. In de zaal maar liefst 37 deelnemers, waaronder Jeanne (initiatiefneemster voor deze actie), en ons bestuurslid Beaty. Drie uur lang hebben de deelnemers zich werkelijk uit de naad gefietst om zo veel mogelijk geld in te zamelen voor Kumbatio.

En het is ze gelukt: na de finish werd er een cheque ter waarde van €1.393,60 aan Beaty overhandigd. Korte tijd later stond de teller zelfs al op €1.650,00. En er blijft nog ...

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Oecumenische Agapèviering in 's-Hertogenbosch
's-Hertogenbosch, 19 May 2011
Op woensdag 18 mei was Kumbatio uitgenodigd om de Oecumenische Agapèviering in de Wederkomstkerk in ’s-Hertogenbosch bij te wonen en over het werk van de stichting te vertellen. De collecte heeft op deze avond € 125,- opgebracht en komt geheel ten goede van Kumbatio.

Wij danken de organisatie voor de uitnodiging, en alle deelnemers voor de warme ontvangst en hun bijdrage.

Succesvolle Wereldwinkeldag
's-Hertogenbosch, 17 May 2011
Op 14 mei was Stichting Kumbatio met een eigen kraam aanwezig op de Wereldwinkeldag in Rosmalen. Deze dag stond in het teken van duurzaamheid en de zorg voor onze wereld. Samen met 5 andere kleinschalige goede doelen, duurzame bedrijven en de Wereldwinkel zelf stonden we van 10 tot 17u op een gezellige markt op de Driesprong. Er werd ook ter plaatse muziek gemaakt en gedanst. Een mooie kans om onszelf te presenteren en aan naamsbekendheid te werken!

Er kwamen heel wat geïnteresseerden langs, waaronder ook een aantal vrijwilligers die deze zomer naar het kindertehuis ...

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'-Hertogenbosch, May 9, 2011
De positieve energie van Stichting Kumbatio Nederland motiveert vele vrijwilligers om door het hele land lokale acties te organiseren. Zo kunnen ze 36 kinderen in het Child Rescueing Centre International in Kenia een beter leven bieden. Help Kumbatio om zonnepanelen aan te schaffen en zo de hoge rekeningen voor de nodige electriciteit te stoppen!

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Sportcentrum "Sportiom" 's-Hertogenbosch steunt Kumbatio
's-Hertogenbosch, May 9, 2011
Het sportcentrum Sportiom in 's-Hertogenbosch gaat dit jaar onze stichting steunen met de jaarlijkse Spinning-marathon op donderdag 2 juni. Zo'n 40 leden van het Sportiom zullen 3-4 uur gaan spinnen voor een goed doel en dat is CRCI in deze! Dit is een geweldige sponsoractie daar de pers erbij zal worden gehaald. Iedere 'spinner' betaald deelnemersgeld en krijgt ook nog eens een sponsorformulier om daarmee sponsoren voor zichzelf te werven. Natuurlijk wordt er promotiemateriaal neergelegd en opgehangen over onze stichting! Om het nog extra te stimuleren, mag degene die het meeste ...

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Wensballonnen Vrijmarkt Utrecht 30 april 2011
's-Hertogenbosch,  8 May 2011
Op zaterdag 30 april hebben Yvette en een vriendin van haar (Brigitte) weer een actie op touw gezet. Brigitte had het idee en het plan en samen hebben ze het uitgevoerd als test.
De bedoeling was om heliumballonnen voor € 2,50 de lucht in te laten gaan met een wenskaartje eraan vast. Op het wenskaartje kon je je grootste wens invullen, aangeven wat je alle kinderen van de wereld wenst en wat je zou wensen als je een kind in Kenia zou zjin. Degene die het wenskaartje zou vinden, die kreeg op het kaartje de instructie om naar de website te gaan en via een link op de wens te ...

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Eten gebracht door moeder bestuurslid Beaty
's-Hertogenbosch,  7 May 2011
Een van onze bestuursleden is geboren en getogen in Kenia: Beatrice oftewel Beaty. Al haar familie woont nog in Kenia en haar moeder heeft een supermarkt in Nairobi. We hebben besloten om de moeder van Beaty één keer per maand naar CRC te laten gaan om voedsel te leveren van een deel van het verworven geld van Kumbatio dat voor voedsel bestemd is. Ze wordt steeds weer met open armen ontvangen als de werkers en de kinderen haar weer zien komen. En we kunnen gelijk uit eerste bron horen hoe het met CRC gaat! Er is nog veel te doen, maar er is ook progressie! ...

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Kleding naar Kenia
's-Hertogenbosch,  2 May 2011

Aangezien ons Keniaans bestuurslid Beaty haar familie in Kenia heeft wonen en daar nog steeds veel contacten heeft, heeft zij geregeld dat in een scheepscontainer van een vriend van haar een ruimte door ons gebruikt kan worden.
Na een oproep via mail en Facebook om allemaal één of twee truien of vesten in te leveren bij Kumbatio, is één van de nieuwe vrijwilligers, Noortje, erg enthousiast geweest met kleding inzamelen. Zij heeft namelijk voor veeeeeeeeeeee meer dan enkele kledingstukken gezorgd..... Klilk op de ...

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Wenskaartje gevonden?
's-Hertogenbosch, 29 April 2011
Heb jij een wenskaartje gevonden met of zonder wens?

Ga dan naar: en reageer op de gevonden wens of vul zelf een wens in en kom in contact met de verzender!

Aflossing schulden
's-Hertogenbosch, April 12, 2011
Door het laatst geplaatst artikeltje in het Stadsblad van 's-Hertogenbosch en de Bossche Omroep waarin gevraagd werd naar vrijwilligers, hebben zich ook enkele bedrijven gemeld. Deze hebben vanuit verschillende visies een donatie gedaan, maar waarbij hart voor het weeshuis natuurlijk voorop staat. Hierdoor zijn de schulden afgelost en kunnen we door met de opbouw van het weeshuis!

Naast deze bedrijfsmatige donaties, hebben zich dus ook vrijwilligers aangemeld om naar het weeshuis te gaan. De maanden juli/augustus/september beginnen aardig vol te lopen, waarvan de maand juli ...

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Lever je oude mobieltje in voor het weeshuis!
's-Hertogenbosch, April 7, 2011
Lever je oude mobieltje in bij Kumbatio.

Stichting Kumbatio Nederland zamelt oude mobieltjes in en steunt met de opbrengst de kinderen in het weeshuis Child Rescueing Centre International (CRCI) in Thika, Kenia.

Het maakt niet uit of je mobieltje nog werkt of kapot is, elk mobieltje is welkom. Lever alleen de telefoon met batterij en batterijklepje in, zonder verdere accessoires. Verwijder ook de simcard en eventuele geheugenkaartjes.

De ingezamelde, nog werkende mobieltjes worden doorverkocht voor hergebruik. Kapotte mobieltjes ...

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The ANBI-certificate has arrived!
's-Hertogenbosch, March 12, 2011
We have received our ANBI certificate. ANBI is the dutch equivalent of an Institution for General Benefit.

Dutch Tax Administration:
"An ANBI is a religious, ideological, charitable, cultural or scientific institution, or an institution that contributes to the general benefit in any other way. Institutions can apply to be pointed out as an ANBI by us. Once they fullfil certain requirements, they will be registered and pointed out as an ANBI."

This means:
  • An ANBI does not pay any inheritance tax or gift tax for inheritances and ...

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Telefonisch bereikbaar
's-Hertogenbosch, 26 February 2011
Eindelijk! We zijn ook telefonisch bereikbaar! +31-(0)6-31234133

Mocht er niet worden opgenomen, dan kan er altijd een berichtje achtergelaten worden en dan word je teruggebeld!

Tot horens!

Vrijwilligers gezocht!
's-Hertogenbosch, February 19, 2011
We hebben het druk als stichting: naamsbekendheid op allerlei manieren creeëren, artikels schrijven, netwerken, beleidsplan schrijven, zaken regelen met de belastingdienst, zaken goed afstemmen, presentaties maken, informatie zoeken, brieven schrijven, ideeën uitwisselen, boodschappen laten brengen naar het weeshuis, emails beantwoorden, acties en activiteiten bedenken.... en uitvoeren..... En vooral aan dat laatste komen we niet aan toe, terwijl dat net hetgeen is het weeshuis nodig heeft!

Op de website staat dat je vanaf 1 maart je als vrijwilliger ...

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Heerlijk, in elk geval weer fris water!
's-Hertogenbosch, January 23, 2011

De sponsoractie "Nieuwjaarsduik 2011" heeft meer opgebracht dan we dachten: ongeveer € 1800,-!!
Dit is zó goed aangeslagen dat we volgend jaar opnieuw deze actie gaan doen, maar dan met minimaal 10 deelnemers. Rond november zal er de mogelijkheid zijn om je in te schrijven voor deze actie. Maar dat is té  ver weg om het daar nu over te hebben.

Dus... Terug naar het nu!

Met de €1800,-  zijn de volgende dingen gedaan:
- het water is weer aangesloten
- aanschaf brandhout om op te koken
- zakken rijst, meel ...

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Nieuwjaarsduik 2011 groot succes!!!
's-Hertogenbosch,  3 January 2011

Allereerst de beste wensen voor 2011!!

Ja, ja, daar stonden we dan bij de zee van Scheveningen. De sneeuw was inmiddels in de afgelopen dagen gesmolten... gelukkig! Het voelde niet heel koud aan toen we met onze dikke winterkleding naar het festijn gingen. En het is een festijn!!!

Rond 11.30u liepen we het strand op. De opzwepende, energievolle muziek  maakte er een echt feest van. Overal zag je de oranje Unox-mutsen en handschoenen. Supergezellig!
11.45u... Nu moesten we toch echt uit de kleren. We waren met z'n vieren: Marleen Zuurman, ...

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First donation received!
's-Hertogenbosch, December 16, 2010
Every time the board meets we try to think of ways to raise money. Sofar we have held our first two small activities: the monthly flea market at the Brabanthallen in 's-Hertogenbosch and another one organized by our new sponsor Coneco (building automation) in Alblasserdam. 

The montly flea market didn't go quite as expected. It's a huge market with 2500 stands! Seeing as the visitors were mostly after buying stuff for just a few euro's they didn't want to pay our prices so in fact we didn't sell that much. We've tried from 8am until 4.30pm to sell our items. It was a ...

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New Year's Dive Scheveningen January 1st, 2011
's-Hertogenbosch, November 27, 2010
We are very busy putting together activities and one of them is the New Year's Dive in Scheveningen on January 1st, 2011!!

If you would like to help us, come take a fresh dip into the lovely seawater at Scheveningen and make sure to find sponsors, because a dip like this deserves a lot and especially for our foundation so we can help the children in Kenya!!!
Do you want to join us and know of some friends or colleagues who want to join you and find their own sponsors also? Contact us and let us know!

We will be there too and provide you ...

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We can NOW be reached 100%!
's-Hertogenbosch, November 18, 2010
All official tasks secretly took more effort than expected, but as of NOW we can be reached 100% and have created a base for the foundation:
  • we are registered with the Chamber of Commerce 
  • we have a P.O. box
  • we have an email address
  • we have a website 
  • and... very important... we have a bank account!
I think it's just great and unbelievably exciting! The main perspective here is to turn the orphanage CRC back around into a healthy organization. This means to provide the children and workers with enough ...

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's-Hertogenbosch, November 7, 2010
Well, finally we are ready! The Kumbatio Foundation Netherlands has statutes, has been registered with the Chamber of Commerce and is now official. This first step has been made in full cooperation with Notary Van Santvoort & Den Drijver-Pigmans in Kerkdriel. It has been a real pleasure to work with this notary and the way she helped fulfill the statutes was simply great. We consider her to be our first sponsor and we'd like to thank her very much!

The foundation's board consists of 6 people, 2 men and 4 women. There is more to read about each individual in the ...

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