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Irene got reunited with her father!
's Hertogenbosch, October 8, 2018

Irene and her sister Josephine (twins) hasn’t seen their father since they were a baby. Irene never talked about it.  Until this august.. Suddenly she felt really sad about not being in contact with her father. She had a couple of conversations with the counselor to talk about her emotions and to discover what could help her. It got clear that Irene wanted to know more about her father!

So that’s what happened. Kumbatio wanted to arrange a meeting for Irene and Josephine and their father. We asked our social worker, Alice, if she could find the father of the twins. And she did! So the girls and the social worker travelled to his house. He lives a couple of hours away from Kiota. It was a long and exciting trip. When Irene and Josephine arrived they saw their father, their cousin, their grandmother and their uncle. It was a big family reunion.

Irene and Josephine and their parents enjoy being present in each other’s lives. Therefore the plan is to let Irene and Josephine slowly reintegrate with their father and mother. But first everything needs to be arranged in a way so that we are sure that their parents can provide in their care. Kumbatio will look at the possibilities and the goal is to be able to reunite the family in 2019!


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