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Sharon B. is happy at her school!
's Hertogenbosch, October 8, 2018

Sharon B. showed her school to the members of Kumbatio. She is really proud and enjoys going to school. She follows a course for ‘tailoring’. After this course she wants to follow a course focused on massage techniques. She already showed that she naturally manages some of the techniques for massages and she is passionate about it. It would be her dream to open a shop for tailoring and a massage salon. We know she will be alright when she will be able to fulfil her dream! But first things first and see how she manage her first year of education.

It was nice to see that the school uses sawing machines of the brand ‘Singer’. The sawing machines that we used in the past are really useful at this school. Sharon also showed the curtains that she made for the cafeteria of the school. They were beautifully made. She is really good in what she does. 

Sharon B. is the first one who left Kiota but we will make sure we follow her footsteps. At the moment Sharon B. starts to have a lot more contact with her grandmother, grandfather and uncle where she can stay during vacations. We are sure that Sharon B. at some point will manage to stand on her own feet and live an independent life. That’s the goal of Kumbatio, Kiota, Sharon B. and her family!

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