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Charity of the month! Start your online shopping!
's Hertogenbosch, December 4, 2017
Yes, it’s the holiday season again. Some want to buy beautiful presents and others want to spend their money in a different way for example by donating to a charity! How great would it be if you could combine both?


Do you ever buy something online at,, Mediamarkt, Intertoys, IciParis, Bart Smit, Aliexpress, BCC, Albelli, Kijkshop, Conrad, Prenatal, Typhone, Voetbalshop, Canvascompany... or one of the other 190 webshops? 

From now on you can do this by going to first, then choose your webshop and start your online shopping! The webshop where you will purchase a present will donate to Kumbatio! It does not cost you anything extra and you can buy something online like you normally do! 

This way you can buy presents for loved ones and at the same time donate to our charity! 

Because we are charity of the month you do not have to admin to You can just go to
, choose your webshop and start your online shopping. 

Thanks in advance! 

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