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Project "Family planning and empowerment" started.
's Hertogenbosch, December 4, 2017
After months of preparation, it was finally time: the project Family planning and Empowerment started!

This project will run for a year and will be a huge positive contribution to the mothers, aunts, older sisters from the Kiota children. But also the fathers, uncles or older brothers will benefit from this project.
Values like self esteem, respect, independency and setting boundaries are things we want to support the families of the Kiota children with.  In many of the families, mostly the women, this values are not known or acknowledged. Which can for example result in poverty, abuse or having children in circumstances were they are not loved or taken care for. A lot of times Kenyan men take advantage of the situation or lack of values in women. Time to change things! When women feel stronger and independent and when men learn to look at women in a different way, it will result in a better relationship between man- woman. When the relations and values between men and women will change positively, children from this families can grow up in a much healthier family environment.

Ofcourse this will not change from one day to another! The families need a different way of thinking, insights in their behaviour and attitude and the realization that they are responsible for their own actions. How great is it to offer some help?

This ‘family planning and empowerment project’ will be run by 2 psychologist, a social worker and the manager of Kiota. There will be individual sessions, group sessions and several community sessions. We try to involve as many families as possible. We hope it raises awareness and we hope that the participants can and will spread things between their families, friends and communities.

The educational sessions have a psychological background to change the way people think and look at each other and their circumstances.
But that is not all! Next to that a micro-loan course will be given over the year to grow into independency and to be responsible for your money, how to earn and how to spend. This will contribute to the families in ways so that hopefully in the future they can take care of their families and their children by themselves!

We are hopeful for the results in the first year of this beautiful and powerfull project.  This project of ‘family planning and empowerment’ is possible thanks to the donation of €12.000 from the organisation of the
Nacht van de Fooi!!  You can find some foto’s underneath! Keep on following us through the website, facebook or Linkedin to be updated about the project! We will keep you posted! 

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