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Sponsor Dita voor het lopen halve marathon voor Kumbatio
's-Hertogenbosch, 18 september 2012
Wie is Dita?

Dita wil de halve marathon gaan lopen op 21 oktober. Zij doet dat voor Kumbatio! Geloof je in Dita en wil je haar en dus Kumbatio steunen, mail dan naar cris@kumbatio.org en laat weten of je haar per gelopen km wil sponsoren of voor het uitlopen van de Marathon!

Lees hieronder een stukje van haar blog:

October 21th is the big day; the...
day Im running my first half marathon! After various attempts to become a runner this time I decided to do things more seriously. It is not easy to always be disciplined and go out for a training after a long day at work, when you are tired, travelling or when the weather isnt helping. So therefore I decided to set a goal: the 10k of Rotterdam during the marathon in April 2012. I wasnt exactly trained when I started, I was not enjoying my work outs either. But finally after three months of training I finished my 10k in 1 hour and 7 minutes. I was really proud of myself that I even made it and felt motivated to keep on running. But running without having a goal is not so much fun and another 10k was not a big enough challenge for me. So a half marathon seemed to be a nice next step and in order not to change my mind I signed up right away... No way back!

But 21k is quite a different thing and a much bigger challenge to train for. I decided to take this very seriously as I do not want to end up with injuries or even worse: fail on the big day! My friend Robert who is an experienced marathon runner helped me with a schedule, I have to train three times a week including a long distance run in the weekend. In addition to that I am doing yoga to keep my muscles flexible and long. I am trying to eat healthy (fortunately lots of carbs are allowed when you're a runner) and drink less wine. Especially in the Dutch summer the second one was not easy. I also started reading about running in magazines, online and even in a very American book written by two fanatic marathon runners. I discovered, running is not only about your health or making your body stronger. It is also about discipline and internal strength which is a big part of the training proces and comes in very handy at the day of the race. And the biggest benefit of it all is the great feeling of being outside on the beach, at the lake or river side after a long day of work to ventilate all your energy. And the great feeling you have after a good work out.

So in the end I could say I agree with all the people in the different running articles I read: running is a way of life. At least, I had to change my lifestyle to go after my goal. But the moment i pass the finish line in October I will be so proud of myself and extra proud and happy because I did it for the children of Thika/Kumbatio. And set my next goal...

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